New Hire Checklist Templates

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What is a New Hire Checklist?

A new hire checklist is any type of list that a company will give to an employee as his onboarding process. Having a list is very helpful to remain guided on the requirements and be guided about the essential details for the newly hired employees. A study says that approximately $37 billion is spent yearly to retain unproductive employees, so it is vital to keep your employees guided about their jobs. To keep up with this, you may need a new hire checklist so that you will escort yourself with this problem. Give your employees a detailed onboarding process for your employees who are newly hired. By this, there will be a considerable chance that they will understand what their jobs are.

How to Make a New Hire Checklist?

It is essential to welcome and make your newly hired employees feel comfortable in your company. Give your employees their requirements. You may give an orientation and prepare the employees for training. We understand that you have a lot of preparations to do, so we suggest that you will use a new hire checklist. Here are some steps on how to make a new hire checklist: 

1. Employee's Information

In this part, you need to have all the essential information about your employees. Get the employee's name, location, work experience, and other salient information that your company has to know. Include here who the people you can contact for emergencies. You have to get their information because these things are very important. Not only for your employees but for your company as well. 

2. Employee's Requirements

Before employees are officially part of your company, you need to first work on their papers. You can list down all the requirements that your newly hired employees have to submit. Ask for documents about the employees' information sheet. Then, ask for documents like clearance from the prior employers.  Get the employees' medical certificate, and ask for documents like clearance from the previous employer. You can write these all on a paper as your employee's checklist. Make sure that your employee will complete the required documents.

3. What Your Employee Has to Know

Make sure that you have given the employee all the crucial things he or she has to know. Prepare your employees' job description, work equipment, training manual, and company's employee's handbook. These things will help them understand the rules and regulations of your company. Give the employees ideas about their salary or payroll, their leaves, their retirement plans, their paid vacations, and their benefits and incentives as a worker in your company. 

4. Prepare Your Employee's Workspace and Review Everything

Your employees' work comfort is critical. You need to prepare your employees' workspace. Make sure that all they need to finish his job daily is completely present for them. Once you have completed your checklist, you can start reviewing it. Make sure that you have correctly made it and made your employees understand the information about their jobs.