Are you having difficulty in providing assistance to a long queue of people in your office? Or else been spending so much time asking and answering the same queries in the same tone and manner? If applicable, why not try using forms for you to easily give and let them fill it out with your needed information? It'll no longer be add-on stress in you because, in, we offer you these 100% customizable sample form templates guaranteed with high quality. These are made easily editable for you to add or remove details as you like. These templates are available in Google Docs, MS Word, and Apple Pages file formats. 

What is A Printable Form?

If you noticed papers in various sizes which have printed content in it asking for your specific and mostly personal information, then that is exactly what a form looks like. A form is simply a paper that is used in any offices for an easier transaction. Included in the form is key data or labels that must be filled out as needed.

Forms are used in various ways. For your business, you can make use of it for employment purposes, such as job application, registration, and staff personal detail. Other than that, this can be for disciplinary actions such as the workplace incident report and company vehicle accident report.

Other uses this form to ask for personal information to use in emergency purposes. Else way, school premises utilize this to get personal details from students. All of these forms denominate one purpose, to ask information from you and for you to provide with less burden. This makes the process easier than the typical question and answer.

How to Make A Printable Form?

Forms make any procedure easier and faster, however, if these are not properly created, may it be of its format and content, it will cause confusion to them and for you to be misinformed.

Awareness of the common errors helps you commit fewer mistakes or if possible no mistakes at all. In that way, we listed some tips on how to make a sample form to fully obtain a time-saving procedure with no confusion. These are the things that need to reckon if you are in the making of these forms.

1. Only Ask for the Needed Information

Seek for the needed information, do not include those unnecessary. If the purpose seeks minimal information, then do that with your simple forms. Do not waste other's time asking for details that are not even useful in the transaction. Aside from the fact that it will consume time, it will also leave no sense-impression from them.

2. Clarify Label Placement

Do not complicate things. Simply input the necessary key data. If you notice that your label does make the same sense with other labels, do not include that and come up with another one. Make sure that your form labels are placed accordingly so users provide the information being requested. It's better if labels are bold so that they will be conspicuous from the rest giving your users the idea of necessity.

3. Apply Proper Spacing and Layout

Provide enough spacing around the form's fields and sections. To obtain a comprehensive form layout, group your business labels to its similar fields, make use of the heading and subheading. For example, under the "contact information" (heading) can be the first and the last name with the phone number and the email address ( subheading). You can use a solid line to separate the details for better organization. You can have a two-column layout if you like to or simply a bank sheet.

4. Choose Readable Font Style

Words are to be articulated and understood. Use styles that are less stuffy. Well designed typefaces aren’t necessarily used in making forms. Rather, simple font styles are preferable.

5. Use Proper Font Size

Use 10 or 12pt (standard font size) in your font. When you use simple font styles but in small font size, it will still not make sense. Have in mind that your users have different eyesight capabilities.

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