What Is a Printable Notice?

A printable notice can either be one of the following: a small, printed reminder of valuable and immediate information or a sample letter giving necessary details on a future occurrence. Usually, the letter-style format is reserved for more business-related endeavors and is the more widely accepted of the two, while the simpler "notice" notice can be most prominently seen as a reminder that landlords sometimes issue to their tenants to communicate things like rent increase, deadlines, etc. It is also highly recommended that both be written in a professional way.

How to Write a Printable Notice

Writing a printable notice means you need to give important details such as sender, deadlines, and details of the event in a formal and professional manner of writing. It can be a daunting task, but hopefully, these tips can help you out when making your printable notice:

1. Construct Your Notice

When making your printable notice, make sure you have a flow of how you want the information to be delivered. Just like making a letter, your notice should have all the important parts like the date it was written, who it is addressed to, introduction, body, conclusion, and the all-important "NOTICE" in big and bold text write at the topmost center for emphasis purposes.

2. Have Direction

Have a set flow of how you want to deliver your message. You can use the 5 W's as a guide based on what kind of printable notice you are making:

  • Who – this W refers to information about the sender of the printable notice, who it is addressed to, and any other concerned party.
  • What – applicable to all printable notices, this W talks about the subject and purpose of the formal document and gives a bit of a description.
  • When – referring to the time and day of when a printable notice takes effect, this W can range from payment dates, the number of days a tenant has before being evicted (as in a 30-day eviction notice), or when and for how long an assemblage might last.
  • Where – this W talks about giving information for meeting places and can be found on printable notices that involve a certain location.
  • Why – whether it be for construction, legal matters, events, or business-related such as the usual resignation and employment notice, this W talks about the reason for the notice in the first place.

It doesn't have to be all of them or in that particular order, but the 5 W's help gives you an idea of how a printable notice should flow.

3. Write in a Formal Manner

Do not write a printable notice as if you were a friend talking to another about the bowling match you had last Sunday—even if you were sending the notice to a friend, keep the manner of writing fully professional. The purpose of a notice is to send a clear and direct message about a business occurrence and such a legal document must be written in a respectable way.

4. Highlight Significant Details and Present Accurate Information

Going back to the 5W's as a guide, give only the necessary information such as how many days an employee may have before he is evicted, or how long a retail store may set up for business before they must renew the agreement. When providing information, do make sure that it is the absolute truth as a lack of precision or providing false data can lessen the credibility of your printable notices in the future.

5. Deliberate before You Print

As always, before printing any important document, proofread and correct errors to avoid embarrassing yourself and wasting precious paper. Giving at least two minutes to sit back and read your work is very much encouraged to save you time and effort.

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