With the advancement of technology, posters as a means of a marketing tool may be traditional for others. Yes, it is traditional but posters are still proven effective in marketing today. If you agree on that idea, then you're on the right page. Hook the interest of your potential audiences! How? By choosing our editable, creative, and high-quality printable poster templates below. Our available templates can be accessed through different software formats such as  MS Word, and Apple Pages (on Mac). Don't waste your time crafting a poster from scratch. Download one today!

What is a Poster?

A sample poster is a piece of paper, whether in printed or in digital form, that contains text and graphic elements that are meant to inform or advertise certain target audiences. Most of the time, people misconceive posters as flyers. Though they have the same purpose and function in terms of advertising, both of them differ in size and audience approach. A poster is meant to be posted in a wall and is bigger in terms of size, while flyers (with a smaller size) are handed out in public.

How To Create A Printable Poster

Using a poster as an advertising tool is a good strategy for marketing teams. It is time-tested and effective for marketing since posters usage dates back 200 years ago. Until today, posters are still widely used to advertise political propaganda, specific events, or product sales.

Moving forward, if you have finally decided to make use of creative posters as marketing materials for your business, event infographic, or even as presentation components, you are in luck. In this article, we created a guide on how you can craft an efficient poster.

1. Outline Your Poster Objective

With the help of a thorough marketing plan, you can create a poster that effectively conveys information to its target audience. To achieve this, you first need to research and plan your marketing approach with your potential audience in mind. Carefully highlight the details that you would want to include in your poster such as your desired theme, content, design element, etc. You can also include deciding on the poster size that you want to have.

2. Sketch Your Poster Layout

If it is your first time to do a digital layout, make sure that you'll take into account this step. And that is to make sure that you'll consider having a design sketch for your simple poster. You can create a sketch with the use of a clean sheet of paper. Then, you can place the initial design object that you want to incorporate with your poster layout.

3. Choose A Design Software

When you finally had the outlined plan for the overall appearance of your poster, it is time to choose the graphic design tool to use. There is software available that will give you the best editing quality such as Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. Just make sure to familiarize each tool by practicing and studying online tutorials for guidance. But if you prefer picking on our templates above, all of them are available in different software formats.

4. Arrange The Design Elements

After picking the design tool, you can now finally transfer your content. You can base your layout on the sketch that you have created. Adjust the layout if you can. Moreover, when you layout a event poster, maintain a design balance to make the final output more appealing.

5. Review And Proofread

Poster-making doesn't only revolve around the texts, colors, design elements, etc. Content also matters. To avoid miscommunication, you need to make sure that your content is accurate. Your goal is to market your product or service, so don't mislead your potential customers.

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