In a world where digital marketing is slowly taking over, handing out business flyers can still do miracles for your company. Flyers are also the best choice when you want to reach a wide market despite having a limited budget. This advertising material is jampacked with information and cost-effective especially when you print in bulk. At, we offer you blank and sample flyer templates for different services such as bake sales, summer events, and open house events. These materials are professionally designed and are easily editable in Adobe Photoshop (psd), Illustrator (.ai), Microsoft Word (.doc), Publisher (.pub).

How to Make Printable Flyers

Flyers, although they are directly handed out to the target audience, have a short lifespan. It is stated that the recipient may only read a few lines from the paper before disregarding it. Additionally, it can also be ineffective at times because of its short span of use. Surely, you do not want your flyers to go to waste. So, we will present you with a few steps that can help increase your design and choices for your professional flyer.

Step 1: Include Essential Information

As an advertising tool, it is essential to include essential information only. Displaying these data stirs the thoughts of your audience. Despite the brevity of the text, your custom template should still be persuasive on the onset to capture the attention of the reader. If your business includes IT works, make sure to start by pitching your company's edge over the others, given the number of other businesses that offer the same services.

Step 2: Mix and Match Font Styles and Sizes

Font sizes and styles help in emphasizing the data in the flyer. Texts that are in large bold letters are assumed to be the most important detail in the promotional flyer. In announcement flyers, the name of the event often has these characteristics. The other details such as the date and time are in smaller sizes but should be readable.

Step 3: Choose a Color Scheme

Flyers for baby showers ideally have a color palette with pastel colors such as baby pinks or cool blues which are also used to identify the sex of the child. Given this example, the colors of the flyer and the event should have a close association. This also goes the same with brochures, posters, and labels.

Step 4: Decide on the Size of the Flyer

Flyers sizes are commonly 8.5x11 inches but do not limit your self to the standard or preferred size. You can decide on the size of your announcement flyers if you think that smaller or larger sizes will work best for you and your company. There are some event flyers that smaller than the regular ones because it fits with the overall aesthetic of the event. This tip also comes in handy when designing business cards.

Step 5: Proofread your Work

In everything that you do, you should check and double-check your work. No matter the nature of the event, typographical errors in flyers are still not acceptable. Informal events such as yard sales and food drives still need to have a clean and polished sales flyer. A work without errors also entices more customers because it gives off the impression that the material was given time and effort.

Step 6: Distribute

One advantage of using business flyers is that it reaches the right target market. Dog walker flyers are distributed in dog parks and pamphlets about IT services are distributed in business districts that fully utilize computers for daily operations. Flyers can also be highly effective if it reaches the right market and if it is handed out directly rather than leaving it on a stand where there are also flyers from competing agencies.

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