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What Is a Printable Letterhead?

A business letterhead is the header of any letter format of a company. It serves as the seal of the company and the mark that identifies the company branding. It is also used as a branding tool that helps company promotions or marketing, especially for small start-up businesses. Business letterheads consist of uniform professional colors and logos aligned with the company identity.

How to Make a Printable Letterhead

Having a formal yet straightforward letterhead helps in building identity and rapport with stakeholders. Furthermore, it shows professionalism and develops reliability in the company's service and product offerings. Moreover, it is one of the essential branding elements that help identify establishments, facilities, and organizations. If you want to create one, here are the steps in making a sample letterhead.

1. Plan Your Letterhead

Before anything else, plan what you want for your letterhead. Find a concept that you want to achieve on the layout and outline. You can utilize a minimalist style, modern approach, or any style that you prefer. In addition, its also best to visualize your letterhead and plan the colors; make sure they complement with the company or brand's color scheme.

2. Start Your Letterhead

After planning, choose a trusted program that you can design and edit a letterhead. Some of the programs are Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, and Apple Pages. You can also find ready-made letterhead templates on this site if you want to save more time and effort.

3. Be Creative

It is time to design your letterhead. Make your visualization come true. Put colors and patterns to your letterhead. Make sure the colors speak about the company. Don't overdo it nor play it too down, and use the limited space properly. Next, put the company name in a font style appropriate for the company's branding and logo. The font size depends on your favor as long as it does not consume too much space, and is still appealing to the eyes. You can also insert the company slogan. The slogan sometimes defines a company, so it is essential to include it to the letterhead.

4. Insert Logo and Other Information

After putting the texts, insert the logo of the company. The logo is also the branding of the company, so it is relevant in the letterhead. The next thing to include is the company's contact information. Don't forget to put the cellphone number, telephone number, address, e-mail address, and website. Contact information on letterheads makes it easier for the people to keep in touch if they have any desired transactions.

5. Save and Print!

Finalize the design of your business letterhead by making sure the colors and designs are not pixelated. Also, see to it that every text information is correct and readable. After finalizing, save your work and print it with a high-quality printer to make your letterhead more stunning. Lastly, attach the finished design to every business document like sheets, letters, business reports, among others, to establish identity.

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