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What Is a Quality Report?

A quality report is defined to be a report conveying information about the quality of a statistical product or process. It contains quality indicators that can be recorded on paper, in a file or a database. The attributes of a good quality report are that it has completeness, which means the degree to which quality reports cover statistics over time and domains. And a good quality report can be compared over time, between domains and across countries.

How To Make A Quality Report

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A quality assurance professional in a small business or an organization should know how to write a quality report. Because this report helps to improve the quality of its products or service and to prevent it from the cost of poor quality. Here's a step-by-step guide on making your quality report.

1. Format

Attributes of the format of quality reports are relevance, completeness, appropriateness, and compliance with standards. In this context, format means the set of subjects covered by the quality report. The relevance of the report tells the format of the quality report meets the needs of the people. The appropriateness is the point to which quality data can be put in place in the report. And compliance with the standards is related to coherence, standards, and uniformity.

2. Content

Attributes of the content of quality reports are accuracy, clarity, consistency, transparency, unambiguity, and language. Accuracy of the content of the quality report is to which the report portrays the reality of the quality of the statistical process and its output. And clarity is the quality report's degree of readability and comprehensiveness. Then consistency is the content's quality to be free of contradiction, while transparency is that the quality report shows possible improvement of the statistics. Moreover, unambiguity will make the report be interpreted in one way. Finally, the language of the quality report shall depend to whom it will be presented.

3. Make Use of Notes

Before writing a quality report, you should first take down notes of the process, how the product is implemented, and the product’s inspection report. In making notes, you can also draft a sample outline of your quality report.

4. Background information

This is to make your intention across and can be understood by anyone in the business. Make your audience understand the purpose of the quality report. Why is there a need to make a quality? What the data imply? What will be the action taken? These questions must be answered by your quality report.

5. Include Findings

Your assessment and evaluation of when the process is completed. This will indicate whether your quality report is effective or not. You should be open in for an open discussion regarding the matters that directly or indirectly related to your quality report.

6. Conclude the Report

Write your recommendations and suggestions to improve the process you observe. This may be suggestions or feedback. These will help you enhance the quality report.

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