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Set Goals on How to Promote Quality Products or Services with the Help of Our Free Quality Roadmap Templates. Mention Your Product Testing Strategy, Data Collection, Performance Management, and More. When It Comes to Quality Assurance Tools, Knows Them Well. Start Creating Your Timelines by Downloading a Template Today!See more

The quality of services and products is one of the factors that both companies and consumers prioritize. A product or service which fails to meet the standard quality management metrics set by its business entity and target market will most likely be eliminated. With that being said, it is crucial for your company to create a strategy, not just in completing your project and production but also in their implementation and quality assurance. So, propound your quality assessment processes to your colleagues effectively through an infographic presentation. Check out our Quality Roadmap Templates. Each roadmap template is a combination of a statistical, informational, timeline, and process infographic that is beautifully designed, 100% customizable, and printable. Hurry and subscribe to our plan to get access to them in Microsoft's Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; Apple's Pages and Keynote; Google's Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Adobe's PDF.

What Is Quality Roadmap?

A quality roadmap is a graphic presentation that illustrates the quality evaluation of a certain product and service. Regnell, Svensson, and Olsson’s “Supporting Roadmapping of Quality Requirements” pointed out that quality assurance processes are very complicated. Moreover, they stated that a roadmap is a tool that can effectively account the important details like release targets, end-user experience, as well as business opportunities.

How to Create a Quality Roadmap

The loyalty and satisfaction of a company’s clients or customers heavily rely on the quality of its products or services. Obviously, the fact puts you under pressure in creating an effective quality roadmap for your organization. Ease your mind because we have prepared a list of insightful guidelines that lets you create an effective roadmap while being efficient throughout the designing process. Take heed on this list below.

1. Identify the Product or Service Line

Products or services have different classifications, and each of them follows distinct standardizations. Your first task is to identify what class of products or services you will be working on. This is so you will know what the quality requirements are according to your company.

2. Research the Standard Procedures

Conduct research about your company’s standard procedures regarding product development and past quality management strategies, and scheduling. Doing so allows you to determine the risks of these procedures. Therefore, it grants you knowledge of what aspects to take into consideration in making your roadmap.

3. Conceptualize Design

Don’t forget that a roadmap is a graphic presentation. Thus, there is a need for you to instill graphic elements like shapes, colors, icons, and others. Out of these things, think of a creative appearance that you think is easy to understand and remember.

4. Gather Details and Outline

Since you have determined the points that you have to consider, you can then gather all the necessary details, including the graphic ones, for your roadmap. Once successfully collected, create an outline to have a clearer overview of the things you will be inputting.

5. Sketch Out the Concept

In this portion of your creation process, you put in place all the elements that you have gathered. Take note that you have to put them according to your planned mien.

6. Present, Assess, and Finalize

Before finalizing your work, make sure to assess it with your colleagues. By presenting them to your manager, supervisor, or anyone with higher authority, you can gain suggestions. Use these recommendations to make your output better than your sketch.


  • Is Quality More Important Than Quantity?

      In business, quality is given more importance than quantity. High-quality products can result in high satisfaction rate from customers, and high ratings could mean high demands.

  • What Is the Difference Between a Roadmap and Timeline?

      Roadmaps often include all aspects of a process. The timeline, on the other hand, only details those processes’ schedules.

  • In What Field of Business Is a Roadmap Applicable?

      Roadmaps are applicable in all business fields.

  • Are Roadmaps Important?

      Roadmaps are important communication tools, especially for project stakeholders. Through them, it is easier for an audience to comprehend and remember the discussions regarding a certain project process.

  • How Will You Know If a Roadmap Is Effective?

      An individual will know that a roadmap is effective if he or she understands the roadmap’s subject matter and its corresponding details fully.