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How to make an Inventory Sheet for a Restaurant?

An inventory sheet is not simply a supply order form. It refers to stocking the sources of a restaurant's services. The items needed by a restaurant are multiple. There can be food items, kitchen crockeries, and utensils, cleaning and maintenance equipment, etc. The person-in-charge of the specific department must make sure that the inventory sheet is made accurately. The generic components of an Inventory sheet would include:

  • The ID

The ID refers to the specific number that can be used to recognize the inventory, their service, their items. Having a specific Restaurant ID will help you track the present status of the inventory.

  • The Name

The items needed in the inventory of the specific type are then to be noted. Do it in order and try to categorize them. Maintain separate inventory sheets for different items for the better exercise of the flow.

  • The Description

Some items may require specific descriptions for the supplier to understand what color, size, and pattern you need it in. Make sure you have included a section dedicated to it.

  • Price per Unit

The price per unit section is a must to know the breakdown prices of the items ordered. Ask the supplier to mention the costs of each item and the total for that kind.

  • Quantity

You should mention the quantity for each item. The total bill will be made based on that. Dedicate a section for the specific quantity of each type of item.

  • Total Value

The total cost of all the items considered together must be added up. This will help you get a clear view of how much money is going into inventories while you sit to make your restaurant's budget ie, the expenses.

  • Reorder Value

This category and its inclusion are up to your choice. If your order's value goes below that amount, your supplier will automatically send you the items.

  • Re-order Time

This is the time needed between the placing of the order, the delivery and the next date of delivery. You can choose to include this section if you require it. It saves your effort to make new lists every time.

  • Replenished Order Value

This refers to the value or number of items that need to be restored once the inventory stock is almost over. It fills up the stock and is way above the reorder value.

  • Discontinuation

If any item in the inventory is no longer maintained and you need the supplier to know it, maintain this section. He will not send stock for it after you have mentioned it. Use the column to avoid hassle and confusion in the ordered items.

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