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Book covers provide people with first impressions of what the book is about. There’s no denying that an attractive and interesting book cover design is one of many reasons people end up buying the book.  book-cover

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Book Cover Definition and Meaning

A book cover is the primary covering where pages of a book are encased in. 

The book cover can either be hardbound, paperback, or even electronic. Both fiction and non-fiction books require a book cover.

What Is a Book Cover?

A book cover is the first thing people notice when they shop for books. It contains the book’s title, author’s name, and graphics. With e-books just as popular as physical books, covers can also come in a digital or electronic version.  

10 Types of Book Cover

Kids Book Cover

Children’s books or kid’s book covers come in various genres, and they come in colorful and eye-catching designs.


Business Book Cover

Business books are some of the most popular book genres. You can’t go wrong with a sleek and elegant business book cover with a prominent background. 


School Book Cover

School textbooks are a basic learning material for all educational levels. They can range from basic subjects to specialized topics. A school book cover would need to be simple but grade-level appropriate. 


Photo Book Cover

Photo books are essentially a compilation of pictures, and most people select one or more of their favorite photos to use as their photo book cover.     


Graduation Book Cover

A graduation book cover is something that you will commonly see during graduations, commencement exercises, and moving-up ceremonies, and they’re commonly elegant in design. 


Wedding Book Cover

One specific type of book cover is the wedding book cover, this one holds dear the documented memories of a couple’s most important celebration.  


Cookbook Book Cover

When you pass through a bookstore’s culinary aisle, you’ll find various cookbook covers that may just make your mouth water.



Fashion Book Cover

With fashion books as one of the most popular reading materials, fashion book covers reflect the fashion style of the author or designer.


Professional Book Cover

For business books, finance books and other related topics, a professional book cover is necessary. Avoid colors that are too loud and use a standard style font for a more polished look.


Story Book Cover

Books are a gateway to a new world. Some of the most popular types of books are story books. A storybook cover should have a catchy title and eye-catching graphics and imagery.  


Book Cover Uses, Purpose, Importance

The following examples outline the various uses and purposes that book covers serve. 

Practical Protection 

book cover is made of a durable material to help protect the inner pages of the book.  

Marketing and Sales 

An attractive and interesting book cover usually fairs better than a dull cover, and it will affect its marketing and sales performance.  

Sneak Peek  

Book covers offer a quick glimpse or preview of what the book is about. This gives readers a general idea without giving too much away.


A book cover should provide readers with basic information including the author’s name and tagline to influence them to buy the book. 


The book covers help stimulate creativity. Designing a good quality cover takes artistic and creative skills.  

What’s in a Book Cover? Parts?


All books should have a title. It’s a standard requirement of all formal and published works. Strive for original and interesting titles to capture the reader’s attention.  


The book’s author should be recognized. Sometimes, the editor’s name may also appear on the book cover.


Imagery and design are key when selecting a book cover. Not only should it be appropriate and relevant to the subject of the book, but it should also be engaging or compelling too.

Subtitle or Tagline

Although optional, a subtitle or tagline is an additional line on a book cover. It supports or clarifies the meaning of the main title.  


The book summary is written at the back of the book. It offers a brief or condensed preview of the book. Alternatively, it can also contain reviews of the book from various publishers. 

About the Author

At the back of the book cover, a brief background on the author can be found. It’s usually a single paragraph and comes with a picture of the author.


How to Design a Book Cover

1. Choose a book cover size

2. Decide the Purpose of the Book Cover

3. Select the Book Cover Template

4. Customize the Graphics and Imagery

5. Edit the Title and Author Lines

6. Adjust the Sizing and Font then Download


Book Cover vs Poster 

A book cover is an outer covering that binds the pages of a book together.

A poster is a promotional material that is made up of text, imagery, and other graphics. It has a standard size and can either be printed or digital.

What Is the Difference Between a Book Cover, Flyer, Leaflet, and Booklet?

book cover is a physical or digital cover that contains the primary details of a book.    

A flyer is a marketing material that is used to promote events, products, services, etc.

leaflet is an advertising tool that contains important information, similar to pamphlets and flyers. 

booklet is a smaller book that usually only contains a few pages. 

Book Cover Sizes

Book covers can come in several standard sizes. The size and format would depend on the type of book, whether printed or digital.


Book Cover Ideas and Examples

There are countless ways to unleash one’s creativity when it comes to book covers. Check out the following for more book cover ideas and inspiration.

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What Makes for a Quality Book Cover?

A quality book cover is interesting and attention-grabbing.

What Makes an Effective Book Cover?

An effective book cover is both informative and visually attractive.

How Much Time Does It Take to Design a Book Cover?

In general, it takes around a week and a half to two weeks to design an original book cover.

How to Get the Book Cover Design?

You can either design an original cover or customize a predesigned template to save time.

What Book Cover Color Sells Best?

It depends on several factors since classic and bold colors are popular choices because they simply stand out.

Why Are Book Covers Important?

Book covers are important because they serve a dual purpose—practical function and marketing.

How Do I Make an Interesting Book Cover?

You need to brainstorm and plan your design approach to have several options to choose from.

What Should a Book Cover Include?

A basic book cover should include the title, author, and graphic design.

How to Design a Book Cover in Photoshop?

Start by choosing a book cover template, open it in Adobe Photoshop, choose your preferred dimension, add a new layer for you to edit your designs, then save your work.

How to Choose a Book Cover Font?

The best book cover fonts are those that are clear and legible to the readers.