Creative Book Covers Templates

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How to Make a Creative Book Cover?

A book cover is defined as a covering that serves to bind the book pages together, and also to protect the entire book from easily getting damaged. Book covers may either be hardback or paperback, although there are also other types such as the dust jacket and ring-bound cover.

Preserve and add value to your most prized books by creating a DIY book cover, and we'll teach you how. Below, we've got instructions to teach you how easy it is to create attractive and amazing printable book covers.

1. Prepare the Necessary Materials

Before working on the business book cover itself, the very first thing that you will need to do is to prepare all the materials that might be useful. This includes the paper stock for printing the design, the adhesives especially if you're leaning toward creating a book jacket, and other necessary materials. While a few of these materials may not end up being used, it's always best to come prepared.

2. Gather Details about the Book Itself

When gathering details about the book, we're actually referring to two things, the theme and the physical attributes. In terms of theme, your book cover should have a theme that matches or at least closely resembles the one used in the inner pages. For example, a minimal children's book cover would be great if the entire book has a minimal theme as well. And in terms of physical attributes, these refer to the measurements or dimensions.

3. Get Suggestions from Other People

Two (or more) heads will always be better than one, you'll get more ideas when you listen and consider suggestions given to you by other people. Although it's not necessary, it can help you a lot when you're just starting to put together bits and pieces of the custom cover design. Alternatively and if you don't have someone to ask suggestions from, you can always get the needed inspiration from websites such as Pinterest or Etsy.

4. Start Designing Your Book Cover

You can create editable book cover designs any way you want and by using any editing tool that works for you. You may want to use graphics editing applications or word processing tools to design your book cover, what matters is it enables you to pull off an attractive design easily. And once you're done working on the design, always make it a point to save your work in a shareable and printable file format.

5. Add Enhancements to the Design

Oftentimes, the design created using your preferred editing tool might not be enough for you, which means you might want to add other enhancements to it. This is where your gathered materials come into play, the ones you prepared in the previous step. In addition to the printed design, you might want to enhance it by using glitters, ribbons, or other materials that you think might help you with your modern book cover.

6. Evaluate the Final Product

Lastly, evaluate your work and determine whether or not it needs to be modified or totally re-worked. If you got suggestions from another person, you might also want to have them evaluate your work as well. Doing this helps ensure that your book cover ends up with amazing results. Make the necessary revisions if required, otherwise, you have now made your own DIY creative book cover.