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When we feel ill or think that something is wrong with our body, we immediately go to medical clinics to get a consultation. These clinics give us the best services we need and some pieces of advice on what to do when we are ill. They give us the diagnoses of our medical exams to see if further medication is needed. You may also like medical website themes.

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Medical clinics now have websites so that people would have easy access to planning on availing their services. These websites offer a brief background of each service, which is essential in giving context to the users. If you don’t have a website for your medical clinic or planning to make one, we have a collection of templates suited for that purpose.

Healthcentre WordPress Theme


Medical Responsive Website Template

med 1 788x321

Medical Website Template

creativemarket jollymedic 788x524

What to Look for in a Medical Website

A website, in the business context, serves as an extension of an establishment. It has to work well in every device. Medical websites are important since these are gateways in availing the needed medical services. While choosing a template for that, take note of some of these characteristics.

1. Functionality

While choosing a template for a medical website, make sure the template functions well. It has to adapt to any screen size. A big part of a website’s functionality is the way it adapts on any screen resolution, especially on smartphones and other mobile devices. People today mostly access the internet through their smartphones. Having a functional website for your medical clinic will enable them to get the information they need easily. Make sure all the features of your template work well.

2. Design

Look for a template with a clean and modern design fit for medical purposes. Most medical websites have white backgrounds. White has long been associated with cleanliness and hygiene, which hospitals give a lot of importance to. Do not also forget to find a design that suits your taste and at the same time, convenient for the users to look at once your site goes up on the internet.

Health and Medical Website Theme

sano 788x309

Medical HTML Template

main 788x520

Sample Medical Website Template

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Hot Clinic Medical Website Template


Plastic Surgery Clinic Website Template

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3. Great Gallery

Choose a website template that has a beautiful gallery. This is where you can put your photos for slideshow purposes. This is also a great opportunity to show your users the best facilities of your clinic. The gallery can also contain a short overview of the services your clinic provides, of course, with photos.

4. SEO Elements

Most websites now are optimized for search engine optimization or SEO. This element is used to improve the website’s ranking on search engines. With SEO, your site will get more clicks as it appears on the first page of the search results. This is a technique for your site to be known and get more traffic.

5. Contact Form

Contact forms should be present in the site so the users can easily keep in touch with you. This contact form should be easy to use. Leaving the phone number is optional, but the email is a must. Contact information should be easy for all.

6. Social Media Links

Check if the website has social media links. This is an important feature for your social media sites to be linked on the website. Your users will opt for going through your social media pages to gain more information and read reviews about your clinic.

Medical Health WP Theme


Medical Services Website Template

med 4 788x357

Health Care WP Theme

previewmarket1 788x524

Simple Website Template

med 6 788x377

Healthcare Drupal Theme

medical main 788x591

Kinds of Specialists

Medicine has many branches. Doctors have a field of specialization in the world of medicine. These fields are their choice of expertise and only studies a certain aspect of the human body. Here are some of the specialists that we see in clinics and hospitals. You may also see health website themes.

1. Cardiologist

A cardiologist is a doctor who studies the heart and all matters related to it. They study the nature, diseases, and treatments of the human heart. This also tackles the whole circulatory system and processes of heart surgeries. You may also see physicians website themes.

2. Dentist

Dentists study the human mouth and how to maintain its health. Diseases related to the mouth and oral hygiene are also part of the dentist’s specialty. It is best to visit the dentist twice or thrice a year to keep the oral health in check. You may also see doctor PHP themes.

3. Gynecologist

Gynecologists are the doctors of females and soon to be mothers. They work on the female reproductive system and prevent complications that may arise out of a disorder. They also deal with female fertility issues. In addition, gynecologists give prenatal care to upcoming mothers. You may also see medical PSD themes.

4. Internal Medicine Specialist

An internal medicine specialist is a doctor who focuses on treating diseases through non-surgical means. This includes relieving pain and detecting common diseases. They assist other physicians in giving the best treatment for every patient. You may also see medical bootstrap themes.

Creative Clinic Website Template

med 7 788x356

Doctors WordPress Theme

mymedic desktop 788x524

5. Neurologist

A neurologist is a doctor who specializes in the human brain and determines diseases related to it. It also covers the central nervous system and how its processes affect the human body. They also study the different regions of the nervous system and how its diseases affect its function. Some of the most serious illnesses related to the brain are dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. You may also like website templates for doctors.

6. Pediatrician

Pediatricians are doctors specializing in infants, children, and adolescents. They give care and medical advice on health conditions. These conditions can be common colds or a more serious case. Pediatricians have a more friendly working environment to match with the child’s mood. Their offices are brightly colored and filled with toys. You may also see medical HTML5 themes.

7. Plastic Surgeon

When it comes to beauty enhancement, the plastic surgeon knows what to do best. They study the procedure of altering the face and body parts to correct attributes deemed unsatisfactory by the patient. Plastic surgery is now an abundant commodity in first world countries such as South Korea. You may also see medical themes.

8. Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists are doctors specializing in human behavior and mental illnesses. They do a one-on-one session with patients suffering from mental health disorders. They also do a lot of work and talking with the patients as what goes on inside a person’s mind is very unpredictable. You may also like medical templates.

9. Radiologist

Radiologists are the people who detect diseases through x-ray machines. They study the results and determine the treatment for every disease. They work closely with doctors in giving the treatment. They also scan cancer cells. You may also like medical Joomla templates.

10. Dermatologist

Dermatologists are experts on skin health and its related diseases. They study the structure of the skin and the possible diseases that may arise when some skin conditions are left untreated. You may also like health drupal themes.

We hope these pieces of information are helpful for you in setting up your medical clinic website. Always remember that no life is more important than the other. As medical practitioners, save every life that you can. It feels good to see somebody alive and well because of you. You may also see health HTML5 templates.

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