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Are you looking for trendy ideas for tattoo designs? Well, the contemporary age defines the age of 3D edge and the advanced art has spread its wings to the tattoo world as well. The coolest thing about 3D Tattoos is the realistic aura that they bring on your body canvas. They are sure shot head-turners and you are soon to be the talk of any party or gathering when you are sporting a state of the art 3D tattoo.

3D Butterfly Tattoo

d butterfly tattooIf you are looking for ideas on 3D Butterfly Tattoos, this tattoo image is sure to make your day with its lovely butterflies that look so realistic on the body canvas.

Amazing Bird 3D Tattoo

amazing bird 3d tattooThe best part about this 3D Tattoo is not just the lively flying birds but especially the patch of blue that beautifully emulates the real life azure sky. It’s a wonderful work of art.

3D Elephant Tattoo

d elephant tattooWith the tusker blowing out his grand tusk, this is surely one of the finest specimens of 3D Art Tattoo Design. Lots of kudos to the artist who filled life in the art to the Tattoo.

Two Swallows Tattoo

two swallows tattooSwallows are lovely and would make a fine art when you are looking for a pretty 3D tattoo for your back as this one. The artist deserves great compliments for his detailed attention to the minute corners of the wings.

3D Scorpion Tattoo

d scorpion tattooIf you identify with the enigmatic spirit of a scorpion, this 3D scorpion tattoo is all that you need. It’s a big realistic 3D art and hence it’s best to be drawn on wider spaces like your back.

Awesome Anchor Ink Tattoo

awesome anchor ink tattooYou have a neat anchor tattoo here entwined with rope and it would make a suitable tattoo when you want something that stands for commitment and stability. It’s sleek with a fine vintage appeal.

3D Spider Tattoo

d spider tattooIt looks scary initially, thanks to the artist who deserves lots of applauds for getting such a realistic aura with the 3D artwork. You can have it on your back or on your arm.

Dots To Lines 3D Tattoo

dots line 3dtattooDotted designs can bring life to any picture and if you are looking for specimens, this document here is sure to take your breath away with its mind blowing realistic portrayals of 3D tattoos with dots.

Amazing 3D Tattoo

amazing 3d tattooIf you are looking for fine art tattoo designs, there cannot be a better example than this. Strategically placed, the baby tattoo looks no less than a real baby warming in peace in its mother’s arms.

Amazing Spiderman Tattoo

amazing shading spiderman tattooIf you are a big fan of Spiderman and wish to carry that super aura with your tattoo work, this 3D Spiderman costume tattoo is all that you need to express your passion for Spiderman at its best.

Realistic 3D Tattoo

realistic 3d tattoo

Beautiful Tree 3D Tattoo

beautiful tree 3d tattooWords will fail to describe this panoramic piece of art which has gone to the limits of 3D art to bring life to the tree – from the falling leaves to lines of the trunk- everything oozes a realistic appeal to the Tattoo.

Machinery Design 3D Tattoo

machinery design 3d tattooGreat applauds for the tattoo artist who has left no stone unturned to attain a real-life spirit to the machinery design tattoo. It actually looks like the parts of a machinery straight from a factory.

3D Tattoos For Girls

d tattoos for girlsIf you are looking for something girly with your tattoo, the pretty butterflies are the best way to define the lovely feminine spirit and these colorful 3D butterflies would be awesome for you.


Biomechanical Back Tattoo

biomechanical back tattooIf you are looking for something bohemian and out of the box, this biomechanical back tattoo would be great for you. It presents a wonderful contrast with a grim skeleton art surrounded by lovely flowers.

Fall Leaf 3D Tattoo

fall leaf 3d tattooSource

Angel and Crosses 3D Tattoo

angel and crosses 3d tattooSource

3D Snake Tattoo Design

d snake tattoo designSource

If you are on the lookout for best ideas for 3D tattoo, the tattoo art samples mentioned above would be the thing for you. Whether it’s the pretty butterflies or a mighty tusker or the enigmatic scorpion or the free-spirited birds- the samples above cover everything to cater to varied tastes.

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