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Manpower/Human resource is the most important resource for any organization and a large amount of money is spent on managing this resource in the form of salaries. Budgeting for expenses is very important for the successful operation of any organization and as salaries form a large part of any organization’s expenses, monitoring and simple budgeting of it is very important for an organizations success.

5 Steps to Create a Payroll Budget

Step 1: Income of Your Organization

Firstly, make a note of all the income you get in your organization from clients, investments, assets, donations, etc. This will help you get a basic idea of what is it that you earn. This is an essential step for you to create a payroll budget plan. Strategic payroll preparation tips will help you create the best payroll budget sample for your organization effortlessly.

Step 2: Note your Expenses

Once you make a note of all your possible incomes, note down what are all your expenses. It is an important step as this will give you an idea of where your income is heading to be spent. Make a list of all the expenses, big or small and put them in the budget. Keep them as close as to accurate as possible.

Step 3: Taxes and Insurances

Taxes and insurances in payroll are mandatory under state law. Make sure that all your employees know these rules and regulations before you deduct their pay from the salaries. Pay all the taxes your organization has to pay so that there is no case against you for not doing so on time. Have a record of all your taxes properly, file them and keep them.

Step 4: Alternative Plans

You can use sample payroll budget tracker templates that can be downloaded and used by organizations to attain their ideal payroll budgets at no extra cost. Always have alternative plans ready for anything that might crop up unexpectedly. Be ready with all the plans you can possibly apply to get out of these situations, victorious. This is for both incomes and expenses. Look for various alternatives, so you can save more.

Step 5: Economic Development

Economic growth has a direct impact on the payroll and wages of your employees. The more the growth the more the salary, employees and costs. So, make sure that you have set all of them accordingly, so that they can go parallel to one another, not affecting your organization and pushing it towards downfall. Use different budget templates that are available for different organizations. Budgeting varies from organization to organization, so have a plan ready always.

8+ Payroll Budget Templates

Payroll Budget Template

payroll budget
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Size: US, A4


Restaurant Payroll Budget Template

restaurant payroll budget
File Format

Size: US, A4


A restaurant payroll budget template helps you handle your payroll planning in your restaurant. This file is perfect for helping your restaurant business manage your employees’ salaries after taking into account all the necessary company expenses. This will reduce the stress for you to create a payroll budget plan from the start.

Payroll Budget Template for a Restaurant PDF Download

restaurant payroll budget template


While getting a payroll budget does not completely clear all this wastage, it can be a great step towards minimizing them. Online budget templates will be of great help for you so that you can use to draft your own payroll plan effortlessly. Some of these not only offer you suggestions on areas to look at. They also embed with simple commands to help with the calculations.

Sample Budget Payroll Spreadsheet

budget payroll spreadsheet

edcc.edu |

This spreadsheet helps in calculating the total salary expense on manpower in a year. The template has columns to mention the position of the staff, the number of weeks worked, hours of work per week, wage/cost, total expense, etc. including required unenrolled payroll charges, subtotal and grand total.

Free Payroll Budgeting Form PDF Format

employee payroll budgeting and billing pdf format

gadsdenstate.edu |

This PDF format is ready for download and includes information about how to calculate annual direct payroll costs. It gives you a clear picture and shows direct payroll categories like wages, medical allowance, dental insurance, retirement benefits, workers compensation, etc and another column mentioning annual costs for each direct payroll category and finally a column for calculating total annual direct payroll cost.

Simple Payroll Budget Template PDF Example

simple payroll budget template pdf download

assets.system.tamus.edu |

This is a budget template in PDF format and can be used to finalize changes in the payroll budgets of an individual employee. It includes information such as employee name, social security number, current salary charged, changed budget/charges, the effective date of the change, explanation/reason for the proposed change, approving authority’s name and signature.

Free Payroll Budget Deduction Agreement PDF

payroll budger deduction agreement pdf


In every payroll, there are taxes cut from the individual’s account. This is government mandatory and has to be done by every organization. These deductions are supposed to be mentioned in one’s payslips without fail. It will also help the employees understand as to where did the deduction take place and why. There are many payroll forms available online for you to see the best one that will suit your organization perfectly.

Voluntary Payroll Deduction Form PDF Download

authorization for voluntary payroll deduction form


Deduction forms like the one above show what is the contribution one is making from their salaries to charity or any specific organization. These deductions are done automatically from the employee’s paycheck and it should be mentioned in the budget. Budget worksheets will help you create the perfect budget in excel for your organization.

Payroll Budgeting and Billing for Employees PDF Format

employee payroll budgeting and billing pdf format


Helpful tips for Payroll Budgeting

  • The pay structure should be clearly defined and explained to each employee
  • Specific guidelines must be set for review of performance and payroll
  • An accurate system for monitoring must be incorporated to check current and incremental payroll costs against the finalized budgets.

Importance of Salary Budgeting Template

Payroll budgeting includes foretelling budgets for fixed manpower cost, attrition rate, retention cost, re-hiring cost, expansion cost, training cost, retirement cost, employee engagement cost, etc. Payroll budget needs to be flexible to accommodate unexpected variation due to change in the economy. A study reveals that an organization spends close to 15 – 30% of their gross revenue on payroll cost and the percentage is almost 50% for organizations into a service business, hence accurate budgeting of payroll cost is an essential element for organizations to increase its profits and minimize its cost. Payroll budgeting templates provide all required information to create a payroll budget with ease.

As payroll budget is determined as per the industry standards and the expected profit margins of an organization. As the annual budget finalized well in advance can save the organization for overspending on manpower. However while planning for a payroll budget; succession planning for employees can’t be sidelined, as boosting employee morale is an important aspect to retain good resources. Use the various templates that are accessible on our website or modify the templates and develop a weekly budget model as per your organization’s requirement.

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