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A checklist is one of those few methods which allow you to work in an organized and methodical fashion. It is basically a list of things that you have to do or a list of things that you have to buy, and you can carry out the necessary task while following the checklist. For example, if you have to shop at the supermarket, you can create a Inventory Checklist of all the things you’re supposed to buy.

42+ FREE CHECKLIST Templates - Download Now Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC), Microsoft Excel (XLS), Google Docs, Apple (MAC) Pages, Google Sheets (Spreadsheets), Apple (MAC) Numbers

You can then start purchasing one by one by ticking off items in the checklist. A checklist is a lot a like a to do list, but while a to do list simply states the activities you’re supposed to carry out in a day, a Word Checklist Template can be used for a number of differs purposes.

Event Checklist Template

event checklist template
File Format
  • Word
  • Apple Pages
  • Google Docs

Size: A4, US


Venue Checklist Template

venue checklist template
File Format
  • Word
  • PDF
  • Google Docs

Size: A4, US


Moving Checklist Template

moving checklist template
File Format
  • Word
  • Apple Pages
  • Google Docs

Size: A4, US


Blank Checklist Template

blank checklist template in excel Download

Checklist Template in Word

checklist template excel Download

Daily Checklist Template in Google Docs

daily checklist template Download

Event Planning Checklist Template in Google Docs

event planning checklist template Download

Construction Checklist Template in Excel

construction checklist template Download

Vehicle Maintenance Checklist Template in iPages

vehicle maintenance checklist template Download

Cleaning Service Checklist Template in Excel

cleaning service checklist template Download

Equipment Checklist Template in Word

equipment checklist template Download

Home Inspection Checklist Template in Excel

home inspection checklist template Download

Vehicle Inspection Checklist Template in Google Docs

vehicle inspection checklist template Download

Housekeeper Checklist Template in Pages for Mac

housekeeper checklist template Download

Microsoft Word Induction Checklist Template

induction checklist template Download

Equipment Maintenance Checklist Template in Excel

equipment maintenance checklist template Download

Truck Inspection Checklist Template in Excel

truck inspection checklist template Download

Checklist Trade Show Booth Setup Template in Pages for Mac

checklist trade show booth setup template Download

Building Maintenance Checklist Template in Excel

building maintenance checklist template Download

Car Maintenance Checklist Template in Google Docs

car maintenance checklist template Download

Microsoft Word Camping Checklist Template Download

camping checklist template Download

Checklist Drafting Merchandising License Agreements Template in Word

checklist drafting merchandising license agreements template Download

Checklist Small Business Legal Compliance Inventory Template in Google Docs

checklist small business legal compliance inventory template Download

Checklist Documents to Bring to Your Attorney Template in Word

checklist documents to bring to your attorney template Download

Termination Meeting Checklist Template in Google Docs

termination meeting checklist template Download

Free Sample Grocery Checklist Template

free sample grocery checklist template
File Format
  • Word
  • PDF
  • Apple Pages

Size: A4, US


Free Wedding Checklist Template

free wedding checklist template
File Format
  • Word
  • PDF
  • Apple Pages

Size: A4, US


Free Event Planning Checklist Template

free event planning checklist template
File Format
  • Word
  • PDF
  • Apple Pages

Size: A4, US


Simple Quality Checklist Template Free Download

simple quality checklist template free download

Excel Checklist for Daily Report Template

excel checklist for daily report template

Simple Template Checklist Free Excel Download

simple template checklist free excel download

Excel Time Management To-Do Priority Checklist

excel time management to do priority checklist

PDF Document for Email Design Checklist

pdf document for email design checklist

Project Task Checklist Template XLS Free Download

project task checklist template xls free download

Travel Packing Check List Template in PDF

travel packing check list template in pdf

New Employee Checklist XLS

new employee checklist xls

Excel Format Usability Review Checklist Template

excel format usability review checklist template

Student Document Checklist PDF Template Download

student document checklist pdf template download

Biological Assessment Evaluation Checklist Free Excel Download

biological assessment evaluation checklist free excel download

Teacher Inventory Form MS Word Template

teacher inventory form ms word template

Inventory Audit Checklist Free Word Document Download

inventory audit checklist free word document download

MS Word for Chemical Inventory Checklist Template

ms word for chemical inventory checklist template

House Inventory Checklist Template Free PDF Download

house inventory checklist template free pdf download

>  Types of Checklist Templates

Have you got an important task in front of you and very little time? Then you must not waste time further, bit immediately look up sample checklist templates. There are various kinds of checklists, some of the common types are-

Task Checklist Templates

A task checklist template would allow you to describe a a particular important task in a logical manner. You can write down the steps you need to follow in order to complete the task, and note them down in a chronological manner. Thus this will make sure that you do not miss out on important steps, and that the task is completed in time.

Troubleshooting Checklist Template

Troubleshooting checklist templates are also like to do lists or task checklists, but these are used specifically in the field of aviation. In this field, a single mistake in your troubleshooting checklist template could end up costing lives. Thus, professionals are hired to create such checklists using templates

To do list

A to do list is something most of us use on a daily basis. We note down all the things we’re supposed to do in a particular day, and as soon as we complete one task, we cross it off in the to do list. For forgetful people who tend to misplace things and forget what they’re supposed to do, such to do lists are a must. You can make use of Wedding Checklist Template for that purpose.

Why Should You Use Checklist Templates?

Have you got an important event coming up? Or maybe you have a busy schedule ahead of you today? In that case, would you rather spend your precious time organizing your schedule, or doing something more productive, something that demands your immediate attention? The latter of course. So wouldn’t it be better if you could just download Camping Checklist Template which already have a well designed format? You can simply follow the format to create your own checklists, or you can edit the downloadable checklist templates to insert your own details. Even if you’re using templates for something as trivial as grocery shopping, you can use grocery checklist templates which can help you out. These templates will save you both the time and money. You will be able to complete your tasks properly well ahead of time. Isn’t that what we all want? You can even download a few templates in advance, and use them one by one as the need arises.

How To Create Efficient Checklists Using Templates?

Well you’ve certainly taken the smarter decision by opting for free checklist templates. Now you need to know how to go about it. The type of checklist you must be decides upon, even before you download them. Having done that, you search for templates on the basis of the type. Since there is an endless range of checklist templates online, you need to find ways of narrowing down your search or making it subject specific. Once you’ve completed the search, you can start shortlisting templates from the collection. Choose Word Templates on the basis of utility more than appearance. Once you’ve made the choice, click on the download button and download the template. Finally, you can start editing the details on the template which have been provided already and start incorporating your own details.

Tips While Using Checklist Templates

Now that you know how to use checklist templates, these are a few tips which could come in handy while using templates

  • It always helps if you know by heart the items you have to buy or the steps you have to follow while carrying out a particular task. That way, you can use the checklist as a guideline and refer to it when you’ve forgotten something. Before inserting the details into the template, make a list of the steps or items in your mind. Then start arranging them one by one on the template.
  • Do pay attention to the appearance of the checklist! Remember, you will be using the template for tasks and shopping purposes. None of these can be classified as fun activities. But since you have to do it anyway, why not make it as fun and enjoyable as possible? You can do so with attractive checklist templates.
  • Make sure that the template you download can be customized easily. The details that’ll be provided in the templates you download will not be of any use to you, since you have your own list of items to buy or own set of steps for a specific task. The Microsoft Template can however help with the format. That is one thing you should keep in mind.
  • Do not forget to mention any details that might be important. If you end up forgetting to include certain items in the checklist, then that kind of defeats the whole purpose, isn’t it? So try to be very cautious while listing items so as to not miss out anything.

What To Do And What Not To Do With Checklist Templates


  • Mention the time along with the activities in task or activity checklists.
  • Try to keep the design professional and simple.
  • Use large font for the text so that it is easily readable.
  • Make it attractive and colorful


  • Do not go overboard with the design
  • Do not miss out on important or relevant details
  • Do not ignore the format given to you
  • Do not be impulsive while choosing the design

We Can Help You Out!

At, we have some of the best checklist templates available online. Take a look for yourself, you’re sure to not be disappointed. You can search for all kinds of Employee Checklist Template examples at our site, and you will be spoilt for choice. We assure you, all our templates have been crafted by experts and we guarantee the best user experience as well. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started! Have you ever used a checklist, or at least seen one? It consists of a list of items, usually in the order of importance, and they have been organized in such a way that you can tick off once you finish one item. Now creating a checklist can be an extremely tiresome process. You’ll have to list the items on a piece of paper manually and tick them off one by one. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get your hands on a templates which already has a ready made format? Well think no more, you can always take the help of checklist templates.

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