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242+ Sample Cover Letter

Cover letter is more like a letter which accompanies the resume or application when a candidate applies for a position in an organization. Cover letter often includes the information which is not a part of application. What to include in Cover Letter is a personal choice but it should complement the application.

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The cover letter should not be a repetition of what is included in the application and it should be descriptive so as to give a clear idea to reader

> Word Cover Letters

Sales cover letter should highlight the experience in the field of sales along with some of the achievements in the field so as to compliment the job application or any sort of application which is when applied for. Saes cover letter can also consist of present projects and a little details about the same. (26+ Word Cover Letters)

> Job Cover Letter

Job cover letter should basically include the information about the post that the person is applying but the general format remains the same. The cover letter should basically highlight the skills that would be helpful in the job along with the experience and the source of information for the opening. (9+ Job Cover Letter Templates)

> Free Cover Letter

A lot of free formats can be found on google but the thing is that it cannot be directly copied as the cover letter is highly subjective and can vary widely from person to person on basis on their skills and experience. The free sample can be used for a reference. (35+ Free Cover Letter Template)

What is a Cover Letter Template?

A cover letter template is the basic design of the cover letter which can be edited and used by the candidate when required. There are several templates available on google. All the candidate needs to do is fill out the details. The details that needs to be modified by the candidate are –

  • The address and the name of the receiver so that the letter is routed to the right person.
  • The information about the sender so as to help the recruiter in contacting the candidate.
  • Then comes the subject which should clearly mention the purpose of application along with the post applied for.
  • Then comes the main body where in the candidate needs to introduce himself and explain about his skills and provide other relevant information.
  • After the body of the cover letter comes the signature where in the candidate needs to sign the letter and mention the designation and the contact number.

This is the basic template of the cover letter. It may vary slightly with the different type of letter for example while writing an email cover letter, the details of the sender and the receiver needs to be removed and the subject needs to be entered in the subject box of the mail client.

> Fax Cover Letter

A fax letter has a simple format, on the top, the details of the person is mentioned to whom the cover letter is address and below that are the details of the person who is sending the cover letter. Later comes the subject and the body of the letter. (9+ Fax Cover Letter Templates)

> Employment Cover Letter

An employment cover letter is similar to a cover letter which is used for applying for a job but the difference is that in an employment cover letter, the applicant is enquiring the employer if there is any vacant position in the organization for his qualification and this seeking a response regarding the same. (8+ Employment Cover Letter Templates)

> Resume Cover Letter

A resume cover letter is accompanied with a resume and there is no such fixed format for the same. It is more like a self-written letter which elaborates the skills of the candidate. This includes the descriptive information which may not be the part of resume which is enclosed with the cover letter. (10+ Resume Cover Letter Templates)

> Professional Cover Letter

A professional cover letter is written by the people who have already been in industry for some time. This mostly highlights the details of the project that they worked upon and the special skill sets that they acquired while working on different roles in the industry are also included in the cover letter. (11+ Professional Cover Letter Templates)

> Medical Cover Letter

In a medical cover letter, the candidate needs to highlight the experience related to medicine and specifying the details about the specialization along with a short statement of purpose. This would help candidate in score more points over the competitor during the interview for the research or job in this field. (7+ Medical Cover Letter Templates)

What are the Basic Elements of a Cover Letter?

The cover letter needs to be written very carefully as well written cover letter can help the candidate in getting a job where as a badly written cover letter may eliminate the candidate from the selection procedure. Below are the elements of the standard cover letter.

  • First segment consists the information about the candidate where the details to be included are name along with the contact number and address.
  • Then comes the date of the letter.
  • The next step is to write the details of the receiver. This should also include the designation of the receiver along with his name, company name and the address.
  • The next comes the salutation. The salutation should look professional.
  • After this comes the opening paragraph where in the candidate needs to mention the details about himself and regarding the knowledge of the job.
  • In middle paragraph the candidate needs to provide a summary of his background and skills
  • In the next paragraph the candidate can add information about his soft skills. This is important as every job requires soft skills.
  • In the last paragraph, the information about availability should be mentioned along with your contact details and an invitation for discussion.
  • Then the letter should be closed by a thank you note.

> Entry Level Cover Letter

Coming to the Entry level cover letter, there is nothing much that a candidate can add in the cover letter relating to his experience hence the focus should be on the skills and academics along with the strengths. Some details regarding the internship can also be included in this case. (11+ Entry Level Cover Letter Templates)

> Cover Letter Example

It is important to go through examples of cover letter before writing one so as to get an idea about what the cover letter is all about. Many such examples are available ongot to know line on google as well as other content based sites which can help the candidate in framing a perfect cover letter. (10+ Cover Letter Examples)

> Word Cover Letters

A cover letter based on Microsoft word should always be maintained as the cover letter varies to a great extend when the candidate is applying for different jobs. The cover letter need to be modified as per the position and domain hence it is advisable to maintain a soft copy on the word. (26+ Word Cover Letters)

> General Cover Letter

A general cover letter consists of the details regarding the candidate and it can be used with any application. Though it is not recommendable to have a general purpose cover letter as the employer usually looks for some specific skills and the variance in this case is quite high. (13+ General Cover Letter Templates)

> Teacher Cover Letter

Just like the resume, cover letter for teacher would also vary to a great extent. In such a cover letter, the teacher needs to highlight the information regarding her experience as a teacher and the extra skills that she possesses. Adding information about the achievements is also advisable in this case. (11+ Teacher Cover Letter Templates)

> Nursing Cover Letter

The nursing cover letter needs to highlight the medical training that the nurse went through along with the details of experience which gives proper description of her responsibilities and challenges that she faced while working previously with a medical organization. Such a cover letter would be beneficial to understand the perfect fit for job. (9+ Nursing Cover Letter Templates)

> Executive Assistant Cover Letter

While applying for the post of Executive Assistance, the cover letter should provide description of the management skills which may include time management skills and space management skills along with other skills that are required for the job. It is always advisable to accompany the information with an appropriate example. (11+ Executive Assistant Cover Letter)

> Cover Letter Format

The format of the cover letter is quite simple. It basically has the information of the receiver along with the information of the sender. After this, there comes the subject and the main body of the letter. The cover letter is signed by the sender at the bottom. This is the standard format followed across the industry. (9+ Examples of Cover Letter Format)

> Email Cover Letter

In the email cover letter, the difference is that the information regarding the sender and receiver is eliminated and the subject goes into the mail subject. So the letter basically consists only of the body and the signature of the sender. This should be accompanied by the resume as an attachment. (9+ Email Cover Letter Templates)

> Simple Cover Letter

There are several examples of a simple cover letter available online. This body of the letter consists of the information regarding the candidate which are basically added to compliment the job role for which the candidate is applying for. This also provides the information about the experience. (13+ Simple Cover Letter Templates)

> Latex Cover Letter

Latex provides a huge variety of the sample cover letters. The templates are free to download and a user can even submit the templates they have designed. The templates on the website are extremely professional and neat. There are several templates to choose from for every sort of job along with a sample. (6+ Latex Cover Letter Templates)

What are the tips to write a Perfect Cover letter?

It is extremely important to write the cover letter with a lot of care as the chances of selection greatly depends on the cover letter. A lot of samples are available online but the cover letter is highly subjective and the sample cannot be used directly. Hence here are some of the tips which would help you in writing a job winning cover letter –

  • First and the most important tip to write a cover letter is that you should not replicate your resume. Your cover letter should consists of the details that are not on the resume hence utilize the space for the same.
  • Do not use a complicated vocabulary. Keep it as simple as possible. The need of using a complex vocabulary is only when applying for the job that demands extensive vocabulary.
  • Write extensively about the skills that you possess and highlight your achievements in the letter.
  • It is not necessary to be very formal while writing such a letter. The approach should be something between formal and casual.
  • Do not use the same cover letter for all the job, go through the job description and customize the cover letter accordingly but at the same time, do not write wrong information on the cover letter.
  • If in case there is a gap in academics or if there is a gap in employment, use this space to explain the gap and justify it with the reason.
  • Ensure that you review the cover letter twice and the formatting is perfect. A mistake in formatting points to the poor management and analytical skills hence do not make that mistake.
  • While sending the final copy of your cover letter in a digital format, always convert the letter to a pdf file and then send the file to the recruiter. The same applies for resume. The reason is that not all the systems can support a word file.

What is a cover letter for a resume?

A cover letter for resume is basically submitted along with a resume which mostly mentions the details which are not a part of resume. For example, to begin with, the candidate writes the information about how he was informed about the job opening. Once that is mentioned, the candidate now needs to enter the information about himself which should consist of a brief information about the academic background along with a brief information about the professional background.

In the same paragraph, the candidate needs to enter the information about his skills and this paragraph should also provide information about your capabilities in handling the responsibilities of the job. Once that is done, the candidate then needs to provide the information about his soft skills in the cover letter.

By now almost seventy five percent of the cover letter is complete. In the last paragraph, the candidate needs to put in the information regarding his availability and his willingness to meet to further discuss the job. The paragraph should also work as an invitation for discussion for the details and issues or for discussion of openings in future. Once all this is included in the cover letter, it can be signed off using a simple thank you note.


To conclude, it can be simply said that every job demands a different type of cover letter and it is advisable to use a fix format and a suitable type of cover letter for the position. This increases the chance of being selected by the recruiters as the cover letter highlights the job application.

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