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10+ Creative Invoice Templates

Being in designing business requires you to show off your creativity in everything you do. It happens that when it comes to creative letterheads and business cards, a lot of thought is given to them. But it is completely forgotten while designing an invoice. Every document you hand over to your client speaks a lot so next time, give them a creative business invoice template. Trust this guide to understand how to create creative invoices in 5 simple steps, and also brace up for our list of the best invoice templates.

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5 Ways to Write a Creative Invoice

Step 1: Invoice Should Scream Creativity

If you are into any business that requires you to be creative, your customers want to see how much thought you put into details. The invoice you give them should look creative to match your skills and still look professional. It should justify your creative work and also invoke a sense of inspiration. This is particularly true for creative professionals, such as graphic designers, because every document they issue contributes towards building a brand.

Step 2: Lots of Colors are There

Forget about black and white. Just because it is an invoice, it does not have to be boring. You can use any colors you want. Just make sure that the clarity is intact and the invoice is readable and functional as well. The colors you use should be pleasing to the eye. Use colors like turquoise or blue. Though a routine invoice is a very basic document, your creative invoice must use a wide range of colors.

Step 3: All In One Sheet

In order to make it creative, don’t miss out on the relevant information. The invoice should contain all the required fields. One more thing to keep in mind is your paper quality. It should be good. Your invoice should not be taken just like just another piece of paper. These things matter a lot. If you can bring together all the elements of your creative invoice together in one document, that’s awesome.

Step 4: Stand Out From the Crowd

Usually, there is nothing on the backside of an invoice. It is a general practice. You can make use of this space. What you can do is, make creative design and on the bottom side of the page, market yourself. You can write the kind of services you provide along with your contact info. Usually, this page is empty so if it generates any business for you, it will be a bonus.

Step 5: Use Some Psychology Tricks

Your invoice is the last contact with your client. Obviously, you wish to receive your payment as soon as possible. Use some psychology tricks here. Personally signing the invoice has an impression that you are asking personally for payment. The wording, the layout, colors, pattern, everything should be such that your invoice is not placed with a pile of old documents

10+ Creative Invoice Templates

1. Creative Agency Invoice Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • MS Excel
  • MS Word
  • Numbers
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: US


It is a free invoice template with both design and content that does not miss out anything. It is ready to print template which can be downloaded in any file format. It is easily customizable and you can also change the colors as per your preference. It is professional looking as well as creative. Particularly suited for creative agencies, this template has ample style, along with the functional utility as a document you can use for invoicing any kind of creative service.

2. Minimalist Creative Invoice Template

The Artisan invoice blends together minimalist design principles with modern business design to create a special invoice template that you can use for creative freelance services, creative agency services, and what not. The template is editable, which means it will fit the bell whatever the requirement.

3. Creative Invoice Template Example

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 99KB


See this sample invoice template example. It is creative but does not compromise with quality. Light yellow color is used which is good. There is an image in the background which is creative. Rather than using the image, you can use the logo of your company or any other image which looks relevant. The long list of items helps your break down your creative service’s billable components, which lends professionalism to the invoice. Your search for the ideal creative invoice format ends here.

4. Modern Creative Invoice Template

Whether you’re a restaurateur, a creative freelancer, or a business owner – you need a classy and stylish invoice that strikes the right balance between style and substance. This majestic invoice template, available in DOC, PDF, and AI, format, does the job to perfection, so go for it today.

5. Free Creative Invoice Layout

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 26KB


This is a simple but creative layout of an invoice. Blue color used is light and looking good. What makes this simple invoice different are the lines for dividing the sections. The services section used is good rather than the item description table which is used in almost every type of invoice. Just the perfect blend of style and sophistication, this invoice template is ideal for creative writers, creative designers, etc. Download and start using it today.

6. Professional Creative Invoice Template

Taking a new stance at invoice formats, this one breaks the content into two disproportionate sections, which lends a uniqueness to the invoice. Not only does this help you itemize your price components well, but also creates a long-lasting impression on the recipient.

7. Editable Creative Invoice Template

Coming to you in A4 and Letter size, this Artisan invoice uses a brilliant blend of colors and simplicity to make your invoice stand out. Available in all major file formats, this invoice template will help solve all your invoicing issues once and for all.

8. Creative Writer Invoice Template

File Format
  • DOTX

Size: 57KB


This professional writer invoice template looks simple. The different part of this invoice is the font used. It is looking very neat. One more thing to notice is the client info section. It is addressed to a department. The reason is that in large companies, there are separate departments for work. The person who will deal with the invoice may be different from the one you dealt with during the project. So it is better to address the concerned person.

9. Colorful Creative Invoice Template

Want a creative invoice in 5 different variants. Look no further than this Artisan invoice template and get set going. Impress all clients with the professional outlook of this invoice. It’s available in PDF, EPS, and DOC formats, which makes it pretty easy to use and edit.

10. Multipurpose Creative Invoice Template

This ThemeDevisers invoice uses a bold and beautiful header with traditional itemized pricing section, striking the right balance of all design elements. No wonders, this creative invoice template is already the heartthrob or creative freelancers and creative agencies.

11. Free Designer Invoice Template

File Format
  • DOCX

Size: 31KB


This is a billing invoice template in which the clarity of fees is given importance. The sections are separated for item cost, taxes and additional charges, and design fee. It is a good practice when you are providing your clients with the products and services both. Invoice written on the top in large fonts is looking good. Don’t look any further than this awesome creative designer invoice template for billing all your client, going forward.

To create a creative invoice for your business needs, these templates and formats can be very helpful. These serve as design inspiration for anybody who wants to create a creative invoice on his/her own. Also, these are spread over the entire spectrum of design complexities, which means this becomes your go-to lost whenever you need a creative invoice.

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