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How to Create an Invoice in Microsoft Word

An invoice is a formal business document presented by a dealer to a client. Like a receipt, it also states sale transactions, products, ordered quantities, and payment agreement of the products or services provided to a certain client. The list of payment/s are stated in the invoice, as well as payment schedules, rules, and benefits. Invoices also highlight the following fees that are already being paid. Invoices are very useful to avoid confusion and the miscommunications between the transactions of the dealer and the client.

A good sample invoice must be presented in a professional and organized manner. With the help of Microsoft Word application and an invoice template, you will be able to encode your client's invoice in no time. Here are the following steps on how to create an invoice for business transactions.

1. Outline the Invoice's Content

Before everything else, outline your invoice's content by specifying the following information you would wish to include in the document. For example; if you need to make travel invoice, you will need to include the name of the destination, the traveling date, number of travelers, and the total amount of the overall charges. Do not forget to put the date, invoice number, client's name, address, and contact details. Always remember that the invoice's contents may differ according to the type of business transaction.

2. Select an Invoice Layout Style

For the second step, select a specific simple invoice layout style that would highlight your content in an organized manner. Make use of the tables and boxes. This will help you provide the different payments, quantities, and product descriptions or services that will be offered to the client without confusion.

3. Download an Invoice Template

Creating an invoice from a blank sheet may take time. For the third step, it is best to download an invoice template that best matches your business transaction. Most of the sample invoice templates are already pre-formatted with suggestive texts, graphic images, and any other design elements that are needed to incorporate in an invoice form. Some of the templates are also fillable. In this way, you will be able to make your invoice rapidly.

4. Incorporate Your Branding Elements

Open your downloaded template in Microsoft Word and edit the template. If the template is already pre-formatted, you can easily replace, add, and remove the template's contents with your business information. Incorporate your business branding elements like your business's name, logo, letterhead design, or trademark designs in your business invoice form. These sections will show the formality of your invoice form.

5. Print Out the Invoice

Lastly, save your invoice copy for printing. Prepare some high-quality papers and set your printer up. If you need to print out a large number of invoice forms for your business, you can go to a local printing shop to do the printing job for your commercial invoice form. If everything is already printed, you can now send your invoice to your client.

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