How to Write a Formal Email For Job Applicaiton


Let’s say that you’re unemployed and you’re trying to find a job that matches your current skills and experience. You’ve found a company that has an opening that you think that you’re well suited for and that you wants to contact them to let them know that you want to take on the position.

Now how are you going to do that? The best way is by sending the company an email that contains your job application, showing them what you have to offer and that they should highly consider you. This article is going to focus on how you will go about in creating such an email.

What Your Formal Email Job Application Should Contain

Do you want to be hired for a job? Then this means you’re job application needs to contain information that the employer can use to assess as to whether you’re right for it or not. So here’s a list of things that you should always place in every application:

Your Personal Details

You can’t just send the email if you don’t even place who you are. So be sure that you place your complete name, your age, and most importantly, your contact details such as your cell phone number. The reason why your contact details are so important? It’s because you want the employer to contact you if ever there are any updates on the job. Although you won’t really have that much of a problem considering that they can already contact you via email, but it’s not like you’re going to be on your computer 24/7. So remember to add in the different ways that the employer can contact you and also, be sure that you spell your name right as you don’t want them confusing another person for you.

Your Work Experience

A lot of employers are going to look into this, especially if it’s a complex position. There are some jobs which require you to have at least a certain amount of work experience to qualify you for the position.  Also, you have to remember that your work experience has to be relevant to the job that you’re applying for. Nobody’s going to hire you as the general manager if your previous work experience was that of a standard chef in a restaurant.

Your Education

This is another important piece of information that employers will go through before considering you for an interview. Every job needs to have at least some knowledge of what needs to be done, which is especially true for much higher positions. So remember to state your education level and just like with your work experience, be sure that it’s relevant to the position that you’re applying for.

Your Achievements

This is the part where you shouldn’t be shy about what you have to share. Let’s say that you’ve gone through a ton of performance appraisals in your previous job and you’ve been crowned employee of the month multiple times because of that. Now wouldn’t you want your possible employer to know about this? So place down all the achievements you’ve taken from your previous job or jobs, and list them all down neatly within the email! Remember that relevancy is important, so don’t include any achievements that won’t do anything for your image.

Remember that this email is a job application so treat is as if it were a formal letter. Stick with a structure wherein you formally greet the employer. So you can start with “Good day Ms.(insert name here)” or anything similar. Also, you need to follow a certain structure that will allow the employer to easily go through your job application. So start with the introduction where you talk about why you’re writing the email, the body where you show your qualifications, and the closing where you thank the employer for his/her time to go through your email.

In the event that you would like to learn more about how to create a formal email job application or anything related to this particular topic (such as how you will go about in choosing the right resume format), then all you have to do is go through our site, find the articles that contain the information you need, and use the information that you’ve gathered to help you out.

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