Formal Invitations Templates

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What is a Formal Invitation?

A formal invitation is a mode of communication that serves as a request letter for individuals or organizations when they need to invite guests to a formal occasion or event. The content of a formal invitation letter offers instructions, as well as direction for the people invited to the celebration.

How to Make a Formal Invitation Template?

Some certain functions and celebrations require more than word of mouth. Events such as weddings, anniversaries, and graduations need formal letters. In a way, this action shows a great deal of importance to the person receiving the card. In creating a formal invitation, you need to follow specific steps to assure that your end product is professional and informative. Whether through snail mail or email, the people you want to have as your guest must be present.

A simple dinner invitation for business partners, as well as stakeholders, shows competence and professionalism. It reverberates formality in the most primal form, that's why this material matters for the company.

1. Gather the Information About the Event

When planning a formal affair or celebration, businesses and individuals need to arrange the flow of the program in an organized manner. The same process happens with creating a formal invitation. You need to figure out the design of the letter, as well as the content. Gather the information about the occasion and write it down, instead of memorizing it. Know the location of the event, and address if your formal invitation will come with a mini-map. Your invitation letter should possess notes on what to wear and color motifs, if applicable. Whether you need a birthday invitation template or a school invitation template, you need to assess the necessary elements for the card. 

2. Usage of Proper Wording

Business events have objectives to meet. It's either they need to inform their stakeholder and employees about the improvements and changes they've accomplished, or they are celebrating a successful venture. A formal invitation serves as the official request letter for the people you want to have in your event. And making the material readable and understandable creates an impact on the receiver. When editing the formal invitation template in Adobe Photoshop, or through formats like MS Word, MS Publisher, or Apple Pages (for Mac users), you need to be careful about the abbreviations. Spell out dates, locations, and addresses as it is the most professional thing to do.  

3. Determine the Number of People Involved in the Occasion

In a grand opening of a mall or an establishment, the management sends a formal invitation to their desired audience. The media, investors, famous personalities, or colleagues receive a letter which becomes a gate pass for the event. For your occasion, estimate the number of people who will join the party and list down the names. More importantly, when designing your invitation template, write out the guests' full names and don't use nicknames. Even on a simple lunch invitation with colleagues, remember to spell names correctly. 

4. Graphics and Color Matches

An efficient way of designing your invitation template is through the use of color themes and graphics. For events like a Christmas party, or an anniversary, background motifs are favorable, especially the ones that symbolize the occasion. Make your cards modern-looking with different shades of blue color. Or have an elegant floral design. There are many themes to choose from, but the design should match the message of your event invitation template. Be creative, and avoid clutter.

5. Print and Send the Invitation Template

After completing the compilation of names and event details, you can start editing an invitation template. For your convenience, these sample invitation templates are also printable. So whether you send your invitation by hand or by email, you will be fine. Make sure to send your letters a few weeks before the event so that guests can have ample preparation time. It also helps secure a schedule if the invitees have a tight calendar plan.