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How to Make a Review Worksheet

When employees are not able to meet company expectations or standards, they would either become subject to disciplinary action or they would have to receive additional employee training that should help improve their performance.

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However, to be able to determine if these employees are performing as expected, then managers will have to do proper reviews to see just how well these employees are doing in the office. This article is going to focus on how you are going to create a review worksheet that will allow you to evaluate employee performance.

How to create a review worksheet

One of the biggest mistakes that every company makes is that they make internal documents too complex. The trick is to keep things as simple as possible. If the review worksheet is too long or complicated, then managers are going to have a very tough time filling it out, and that would affect the entire review process. You may also see best worksheet templates.

The point of the review worksheet is to evaluate the performance of the employee in order to find out their weaknesses and get them to improve and become the employees that the company expects them to be. The review worksheet is for strictly evaluating the performance of the employee and then providing them with feedback on how they can use their strengths and fix their weaknesses in order to continue their professional growth in your company.

There are still lots of companies that make use of paper to create the review worksheets. Although it is understandable that some companies still wish to do this, it is much better to do everything digitally. This makes it much easier to keep track of all the employee reviews that you have done when they are all compressed into a single digital file. The fact that you can access them at any point in time without having to deal with stacks of paper makes things more convenient on your end. You may also see work sheet templates.

First, let us start off with the information that your review worksheet is going to need:

  • The complete name of the employee who is being reviewed
  • The employee’s I.D. number
  • The current position that the employee holds
  • The department that the employee is assigned to
  • The name of the person who is conducting the review
  • The position that the reviewer holds
  • The date of the current review
  • The signature of the employee
  • The signature of the reviewer

You need all of the information above in the event that you need to show it to an employee during certain situations. An example of such a situation is when you need to show your employee why he is being given a warning letter for poor performance. With this, you can easily pull out his file. Also, you need the signature of the employee on the review form to serve as proof that he has accepted the results.

The next thing you have to think about is all of the different characteristics you would want to put on the review worksheet. You need to know what it is you want out of a model employee. Think of traits that you want the employee to have and if these characteristics are relevant or useful for meeting the goals of your small business.

Here are some examples that you can include on your review worksheet:

  • If the employee is working to his full potential
  • Employee’s communication skills
  • The employee’s independent work
  • If the employee takes the initiative on tasks and activities
  • The employee’s integrity
  • The employee’s relationships with clients and customers
  • The employee’s technical skills
  • The employee’s punctuality
  • The dependability of the employee
  • The employee’s creativity

Although it is all up to you what you want your review worksheet to cover, just think about what needs to be assessed in order to see how well your employees are doing in terms of performance.

Next, see if the employee was able to achieve the goals from the previous review. This is to determine if there were any improvements that the employee has made since the last review period. If there are no improvements at all, then this will help determine the right course of action that needs to be taken so that the employee will know what to do in order to improve.

Then, you have to set up the new goals that have to be met before the next employee review. If the employee was not able to meet the goals from the previous review, then be sure to state that. If there are more problems that the employees need to fix, place all of the goals that the employee needs to accomplish in order to fix any problems.

Finally, you have the option to include comments in the review worksheet. Reviewers would then be able to make suggestions on what they think the employee should do in order to fix his performance problems in the workplace. This way, the employee will know about the possible solutions that will resolve his issues and it will allow the employee to continue growing in the workplace.

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