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Checklist for Giving Job Performance Feedback

If you are part of management plan, then you know that there will come a time when you have to conduct employee performance appraisals. This is to help you see how well your employees are doing in terms of productivity and performance, and if they are meeting the expectations of the company. You may also see Checklist Samples.

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You need a checklist that will help you with what you have to do in order to provide effective performance feedback. So, if you plan on doing a performance appraisal, but you do not know how it should be done, here are some things that you should put in your general checklist:

Checklist Giving Job Performance Feedback Template

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Schedule feedback sessions before conducting a performance review

In the time leading up to an employee’s performance review, make sure you have formal or informal feedback sessions. These sessions will give you the chance to tell your employees how they are doing and if they are heading in the right direction in terms of performance plan. However, you cannot just surprise your employees with this, so you have to inform the employee ahead of time. Just make sure that you have everything ready when handing out basic feedback.

Checklist for Giving Job Performance Feedback Template

File Format
  • MS Word
  • Pages

Size: A4, US


Lay out clear and reasonable expectations

This is very important during the basic appraisal process as you would want the employee to know what you expect out of him or her. You cannot just assume that the employee knows what you expect, so you should be clear on what you want from them. This way, the employee knows how he or she should perform in business order to meet or even exceed your expectations.

Create goals and objectives

Before the performance appraisal, ask the employee to review all of his or her past goals. Show the employee what could have been done to achieve the smart goals if he or she was not able to. Once you have done that, outline all of the goals that you would like the employee to tackle and complete this year.

Collect all previous feedback

It is always a good idea to review all of the previous feedback that you have given a particular employee (this is assuming that you had previous feedback sessions with the employee and kept employee records). This will give you much more information as to where the employee currently stands in terms of work performance and if he or she needs any room for improvement. Besides, this is much better than just relying on memory.

Be prepared to receive feedback

You have to remember that the performance appraisal will not just be you talking the entire time. If you are going to share information regarding how your employee is performing in the workplace, then the employee has the right to provide feedback on how you are doing in terms of sample management as well. After all, the performance of an employee can be greatly affected by how their managers handle them.

Discuss long-term plans

This is a great time for you to discuss what the employee’s plans are from this point on. It will help you determine if the employee still wants to stay in the company and improve, or if the employee plans on handing his or her resignation letter soon. Either way, you will want to talk to the employee about future goals and how they are going to be attained. This way, both you and the employee can figure out what moves need to be made and possibly even come up with new job descriptions to update current job positions.

Leave open room for discussion

As mentioned before, you should give the employee an opportunity to speak up. So, no matter what issues may exist, you have to give him or her a chance to defend himself or herself. For instance, if there was a problem in the past that the employee was involved in, perhaps you did not hear the full version of the story and the employee may just give you enough information that lets you know that he or she was not at fault. It always pays to listen to what they have to say as the information they have could be very valuable. You may also see employee agreement templates

Be prepared to make important decisions

You are bound to make these sooner or later, so it is best that you prepare yourself ahead of time. If you know that the employee feels like a lost cause or that the two of you have different ideas about good work, then there is nothing left but to hand out that termination letter soon. But it does not have to be all bad, as you may have a more than exceptional employee and this is the part when you can decide whether he or she deserves that employee promotion or not.

If you would like to learn more about what you have to do to give a job performance feedback, click on the articles linked to this post.

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