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10+ Feasibility Report Templates – PDF, Word, Pages

Sometimes, the best way to know if an idea works is to test it. In all small business endeavors, this is the perfect way to see if ideas can go somewhere. A good way of setting this in motion is through a feasibility study. It determines if the idea will work in a given situation and whether you should proceed with it or not. You may also see report templates.

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We feature report samples for your feasibility study. You’ll find templates for a property design, high school content, executive summary, one page software, economic analysis, operational construction, and more.

Feasibility Report Design Template

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Size: A4, US


Restaurant Feasibility Report Template

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Size: A4, US


Market Analysis Feasibility Report Template

A feasibility simple report provides important details on how your business should operate. It also tells more about the small business to determine if it will succeed or not. In doing this, you have to know to whom, how, and where do you want to sell your product. You may also check out our Report Samples in Google Docs.

Project Feasibility Report with Executive Summary

Operational Feasibility in Software Engineering Report

How to Write a Feasibility Report

The feasibility report outline becomes the basis for developing a good business plan. This details the potential problems of the business and its solutions, and also its chances of succeeding. Writing a good feasibility report helps in getting the sample business plan to move forward. These steps in writing will do just that.

1. Think Through the Idea

If you have a product in hand, think about its chances of being sold to the analysis market. Know and understand it well. If it is a service that you sample plan to offer, think about its terms and how you work it to make it feasible. Thinking things through helps you in getting ideas for writing the report.

2. Evaluate the Market

Look at the market where you want to sell your product. Think if it is marketable enough and take note of how other products are being promoted. This will give you a clear idea of how to do yours soon. You may also like weekly report templates.

3. Evaluate Demand

The next thing to do is evaluate the demand for the product. See if similar products are being offered in stores and online. If there are similar ones, you may choose another product to sell or another service to offer. But despite the demand, you can also improve the current product you have to make it sell more easily. You may also like sample report outlines.

4. Evaluate Competition

It is almost impossible to be blind to the competition when it comes to simple a small business in PDF. Know what you are up against and see what you can make out of it. You must also know how your product is ahead of others. If a certain product has already developed strong customer patronage, take a sample of it and know how it works.

5. Write the Description

This is the first part of the writing phase. You need to provide a short description of your product or service. Write it simply to avoid confusion and convince the reader about what you are offering. You may also see executive report templates.

Emergency Financial Fund Feasibility Report

Final Construction Property Feasibility Report

6. Write the Studies

In a feasibility sheet report, there are four studies that you have to write about. These include:

a. Market

The market feasibility study comprises all the market components in the study. These are the current market, level of competition, industry trends, future market potential, sales projections, and potential buyers. Keep this part short and simple. You may also like budget report templates.

b. Technical

The technical feasibility study deals with the delivery of a product or service, including the transportation, labor, materials, the needed technology, and the location of your business. This focuses more on logistical matters. You may also like monthly report templates.

c. Financial

The financial feasibility study supports the technical. Here you give the details such as the number of funds needed as capital in starting the business. Everything must be comprehensive down to the last detail. You also need to identify and list your sources of capital and further explain the possible return on investments.

d. Structure

The structure feasibility study refers to the people who will be part of your team. You need to include their professional background and what they can do for the small business in Excel. A code of ethics also helps in addressing people-related issues within the business. You may also see financial reports.

7. Describe and Propose Possible Solutions

In a feasibility report, you have to describe and propose possible solutions for a product. You may also provide other alternatives in making the product work. This should gain the best possible benefit and keep the usage of resources to a minimum. You may also see simple Excel report templates.

8. Write the Conclusion

The final step of a feasibility technical report is wrapping it up. Summarize your main points and make a short conclusion that reflects the overall report sample in PDF.

Small Business Technical Feasibility Study Report

School Supplies Feasibility Report Contents

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Size: 773 KB


One Page Feasibility Report Template

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Size: 93 KB


Feasibility Report Business Plan Template

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Size: 202 KB


Importance of a Feasibility Report

A feasibility report is done to get things right before using time, a simple budget, and resources on a project. It’s like knowing in advance that the idea works before it comes to life. This also gives you an idea that some things might not work before you jump right in. Here is some other importance of a feasibility report.

1. Give New Ideas

As the feasibility report consulting goes on, new ideas come in. These could change the scope of the project completely. It helps in improving the project.

2. Uncovers New Opportunities

The feasibility report is a good avenue for discovering new opportunities which could be further used in developing the basic business plan. These can also increase the chances of the project getting more success once it gets implemented.

3. Narrows Down Business Options

Business options and alternatives are narrowed down in the feasibility report. Among the many options present, only a few are chosen to be used. These have been done thoroughly in the report. You may also like our executive report in PDF.

4. Helps in Decision-Making

Having a feasibility report helps you in deciding on the project. By studying its entirety, you would eventually know if this works or not. It can be determined by the many factors present in the report. You may also like our annual report templates.

While the feasibility report might not work, never lose hope that it will work in one way or another. This is just the first part of the free new business plan that is developed. There is always something good about trying out new ideas and seeing if they work.

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