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Monthly reports are generally made to give management an overview on the progress of the business and its employees, if goals and projects have been met or if certain activities have made any negative or positive effects on the company or its employees. Employees usually submit their logs and daily status to their managers, and in turn, the manager then compiles all the data they have gathered for the month and create a report to present to the other heads or supervisors. A few examples of what you can discuss in your report are new sales, if there were any expenses made by the business or its employees, and also if there were any gains the past few weeks. To help you get started on your monthly report, here are  few tips you can use:

  • Be consistent with time, date and your descriptions.

  • Make sure that it’s signed and stamped by the right people.

  • Be detailed but don’t sound complicated. Keep it simple but thorough and try to use less complicated jargon that everyone can understand. Details are what makes your report, so be sure to keep them concise.

  • Keep things organized and label your descriptions. This helps maintain a sort of order with in all the information and data that you’ve included in your report.

  • Make sure that information that you put down is not baseless. Receipts, pictures, and signed papers should be included, depending on the kind of report.

  • If you feel like your report needs to have at least something to better interpret the data in your research, then why not create graphs, flow charts or any other chart that you think might help best represent your ideas?

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