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What Is a Simple Budget?

A simple budget is a budget that is neither complex nor complicated to make and comprehend. It is usually an estimation of the amount of money that you can produce and spend in a particular span of time. Budgeting is not all about being tight with your finances, but it is about living within your means while putting your funds to operate in the best possible way. It helps in taking a good grip on your relationship with your finances, securing your future, and get away with debts. There is a wide variety of budgets such as weekly household budget, start-up restaurant budget, annual business budget, and wedding budget.

How to Create a Simple Budget

Creating a budget is not required, but it is the best option to make if you want to have a sustained future. The percentage of American adults that are saving less than $10,000 for retirement is 33% while there is 44% of Americans that cannot cover a $400 emergency due to lack of cash. Thus, creating a good relationship with money by doing a budget can greatly save you from unforeseen troubles.

If you want to begin managing your finances by using budgets, here are some tips on how:

1. Decision-making

Plan the details for your budget first before anything else. Select what kind of budget you want to make. Do you want to have a personal budget planner or event budget spreadsheet? What about a monthly company budget spreadsheet? Choose, make sure that your choice will help you achieve your desired outcome.

2. Perform the Calculations

That is why the document is called a budget because of the allocations and computations done for it, making it an effective aid to handle your finances. If you are making a personal budget, there are only two things that you have to deal with: the income and the expenses. Thus, itemize the things that you are allocating your income to followed by the money allotted to them. Do not forget to categorize the figures from the budget, actual, and difference.

3. Make Use of Our Templates

We have provided you a lot of simple budget templates to choose from; all you need to do is to pick the most suited one to use for your project plan. Our templates do not limit you to create a one-sized document for we are giving you options on what size you prefer—whether it is A4 or US letter. Afterward, pick an editing software that works best for you. You can choose from Google, Microsoft, and Apple applications.

4. Customize and Fill In

Budgets are commonly used by business establishments for their events and operations; thus, making it a formal document. We do not limit you to that idea. You are here to personalize, so make the most of it. Just make sure that your design selections do not result in exaggeration. You may use a color palette consisting of cool colors while the fonts do not have to be fancy; Arial will do. Afterward, input the basic data analysis such as the allocation of your finances and the list of items that are being allocated. You can also indicate the summary of your budget by putting the total of the income, balance, and expenses.

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