3+ Concierge Resume Templates

If you are a person with a heart to serve people and you can develop a good relationship with different individuals for the good of oneself and enterprises, being a concierge is pretty much the best job for you. Usually, the role of a concierge includes making travel arrangements for customers, storing luggage, and providing the necessary information that clients need. You may also see Construction Resume Template.


If you would like to sign in for a job as a concierge, you should start by writing a resume, and the Resume Templates below will help you write the best curriculum vitae.

Hotel Concierge Resume

hotel concierge resume
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There are always many openings for hotel concierge. If you are up for the job and you have what it takes to deliver the best services, you can use this template to prepare your resume.

Front Desk Concierge Resume

front desk concierge resume
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Being a front desk concierge can be rewarding, but the first step in getting the job is to write a good resume to a potential employer. As such, you should consider using this template as a guide. You may also see Project Manager Resume Template.

Residential Concierge Resume

residential concierge resume
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If you are looking for a job as a residential concierge, you will find this template useful for resume writing. You can customize the template or use it as a personal resume writing guide.

> What to Include in a Concierge Resume?

It is important to know that each concierge resume is different and the author usually writes the document based on experience, long-term career goals, and achievements. Whether you are a professional with an experience in the field or you are just an entry-level employee looking for a new job, you shouldn’t find it difficult to write this resume at all. You may also see Retail Resume Template.

The resume has four parts: resume summary, education history, a list of experiences, and outline of your skills. Each part must be concise and accurate which means you should spare enough time to write your resume. If you are not sure how to write each part, especially if you are doing this for the first time, it might be a good idea to look at the example sample resumes provided.

> Concierge Resume Tips

You should choose a proper format for outlining your experiences and skills. You can do this in at least three ways: random draft, chronological order, and functional order. Writing your competencies in a random order is fine as long as you don’t intend to mention the dates for each experience.

Chronological arrangement is a standard format for outlining personal experiences and skills. However, you should only use it if you are sure you have a clear, industry-focused timeline. You may also see Personal Trainer Resume Templates.

As long as you remember the dates, or you have a clear record of your experience stored somewhere in personal files, it should not be hard to use the chronological format. Functional format, on the other hand, will keep your resume short.

> Mistakes to Avoid in Concierge Resume

Do not write your resume in prose; doing that will make the document feel more like a one-page story. You don’t even have to use complete sentences because the document may be too long and difficult to read. Try to use bullet points instead; it is the only way to provide precise information to the reader.

The issue of passive voice remains a serious one, and when it comes to Engineering Resume Templates, you should do the best you can to avoid writing passive sentences. Of course, passive tone makes the document read rather unprofessional, so you should only use the active voice, even if you have never written a resume before.

Your resume must be up to the best standards; otherwise, your chances of ever getting a job will be too narrow. Luckily, writing the document is not difficult at all; with the help of the best sample resumes already highlighted, you already have the clear picture on pretty much what exactly should go into a concierge resume.