Hand Picked 100+ Creative 3D Backgrounds for your Inspiration

An excellent well-designed background can really lift a design by several notches. If you’re keen on incorporating backgrounds of a different kind in your works, well, lets us show you some wonderful 3D background designs. These are utterly creative and we have an inkling you wouldn’t be able to look away from them so easily, and that’s a good thing. Whether it is for your desktop or mobile device, offline or online projects, these 3D background designs work their magic everywhere! You can also see background.

Available in almost every resolution to fit your need you can easily use these 3D backgrounds not only to add depth to your desktop, but to any other digital projects. They are available in various categories, and you can choose the best among them. There are a number of top sites from which you can easily download them and then use them wherever you need them.

3D backgrounds make the pictures look realer and hence the viewers can easily relate to them. You can find out number of sites offering free 3D desktop backgrounds which can be easily downloaded for using. These high resolution 3D backgrounds can be browsed easily from the different websites and downloaded to be used later as desktop background or any other project.

With these backgrounds, you can simply transform your devices and make them most attractive. Choose among the ones that are mostly downloaded to get the premium backgrounds for your devices. Make them different from the ones your friends have.

3D background 1

  • 3d background 11


  • selfillumination1

Glassical Emotions

  • glassical emotions1

3D background 2

  • 3d background 2 copy1

3D Background 3

  • 3d background 3 copy


  • genesis copy

Abstract Metallic Pack

  • abstract metallic pack copy

3D Background 6

  • 3d background 61

3D Green Wallpaper Background

  • 3d green wallpaper background copy1

Animated 3D Wallpaper

  • animated 3d wallpaper copy

3D-Wallpaper Nature

  • 3d wallpaper nature copy

3D-Abstract Background Design

  • 3d abstract background design co

3D Background 8

  • 3d background 8 copy

3D Grey Background

  • 3d grey background copy

3D Hd Wallpaper

  • 3d hd wallpaper copy

Nature Scene Wallpaper

  • nature scene wallpaper copy

3D Background 9

  • 3d background 9 cop

3D Background 10

  • 3d background 10 cop

3D Background 11

  • 3d background 11 cop

3D Background 12

  • 3d background 12 co

Nature Image

  • nature image copy

3D Background 14

  • 3d background 14 copy

Social Media Tree

  • social media tree copy

3D Background 15

  • 3d background 15 copy

3D Water World

  • 3d water world1

3D Background

  • 3d background copy

3D Abstract Eyes Wallpaper

  • 3d abstract eyes wallpaper1

3D Flowers Wallpaper

  • 3d flowers wallpaper copy

3D Background 19

  • 3d background 19 copy

3D Background 20

  • 3d background 20 copy

3D Background 21

  • 31

Purple 3D

  • purple 3d copy

3D Background 22

  • 3d background 22 copy

3D Background 23

  • 3d background 23 cop

3D Background 25

  • 3d background 25 cop

Red Blood Cells

  • red blood cells copy

3D Background 26

  • 3d background 26 copy

3D Background 29

  • 3d background 29 copy

3D Aquarium With Fish

  • 3d aquarium with fish1

3D Black And Whie Abstract Wolf

  • 3d black and whie abstract wolf copy

3D Wax Candle Assassin

  • 3d wax candle assassin copy

Abstract 3D Background

  • abstract 3d background copy

Fantasy Butterfly Fairy

  • fantasy butterfly fairy copy

3D Background 31

  • 3d background 31 copy

3D Background 32

  • 3d background 32 copy

Fantasy Iron Girl

  • fantasy iron girl copy

Abstract Backgrounds

  • abstract backgrounds copy

3D Ladyfish Wallpaper

  • 3d ladyfish wallpaper copy

3D Background 33

  • 3d background 33 copy

3D Smiling Moon Wallpaper

  • 3d smiling moon wallpaper copy

Creative 3D Wallpaper

  • creative 3d wallpaper copy

Room Backgrounds

  • room backgrounds copy

3D Background 34

  • 3d background 34 copy

Cube 3D Backgrounds

  • cube 3d backgrounds copy

3D Abstract Wallpaper

  • 3d abstract wallpaper1

3D Background 36

  • 3d background 36 c

Valentine’s Day Hearts Backgrounds

  • valentines day hearts backgrounds copy

3D Musical Notes On Shiny Background

  • 3d musical notes on shiny background copy

Stock Photo

  • stock photo copy

3D Man and DNA

  • 3d man and dna copy

3D Background 37

  • 3d background 37 copy

3D Background 38

  • 3d background 38 copy

3D Abstact Backgrounds

  • 3d abstact backgrounds copy

3D Background 39

  • 3d background 39 copy

3D Background 18

  • 3d background 18 copy

3D Background 2

  • 3d background2 copy1

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