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24+ Tattoo Drawings – Free PSD, AI, Vector EPS, PDF Format Download

Tattoo designing has been a very popular art of the 21st century. The demand keeps increasing with time. Tattoo designing means drawing indelible marks on the dermis of the skin. The birth of the tattoos font was during the 18th Century by the Polynesians. Later on they were used as an identity mark by the Romans and then it became a trend between the people.

> Why are Tattoos so important?

Not only are teenagers fond of tattoos but also elder people appreciate them. Every tattoo is a symbol of an untold story. People like to mark their memories in the form of tattoos. Tattoos hold emotions and deep meanings. Rock stars, rappers, wrestles, sportsmen all are fond of tattoos. For example, rap legend Eminem has got a tattoo on his left arm which reads “Ronnie Rip”. It signifies his love and respect for his late uncle. It is a memorial type tattoo. David Beckham has also got varieties of tattoos all over his body. Tattoos reveal the unspoken aspects of human relationship, both past and present. Tattoo designing serves employment to many jobless artists.

Feminine Tattoo Drawing Download

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Dangerous Snake Tattoo Drawing

Koi Fish Tattoo Drawing

Designed Pintrest Tattoo Drawing

Indian Chief Tattoo Drawing

Funny Cartoon Tattoo Drawing

Anchor Tattoo Drawing

Celtic Cross Tattoo Drawing

Owl Tattoo Drawing

Dragon Tattoo Drawing

Guardian Angel Tattoo Drawing

Beautiful Arm Tattoo Drawing

Tiger Flash Tattoo Drawing

Mic Tattoo Drawing Download

Quick Lion Tattoo Drawing

Baroque Wolf Drawing Download

Skull Tattoo Drawing Download

Water Tattoo Drawing Download

Flower Plant Tattoo Drawing Download

Traditional Tattoo Drawing Download

Scorpio Tattoo Drawing Download

Wolf Tattoo Drawing Download

Love Birds Tattoo Drawing Download

Phoenix Tattoo Drawing Download

Dragon Ink Tattoo Drawing Download

> Types of Tattoos Widely Used around the Globe

  • Old School type Tattoos

These types of tattoos are basically American traditional type tattoos. The tattoos are two dimensional with low detailing. The tattoos have bold borders. They have a retro look.The neo-traditional old school type tattoos are bold and bright with lower complexity.

  •  Tribal type Tattoos

Tribal tattoos originated from Polynesian and Native American people. The tattoos generally represent culture, ritual beliefs, spirits and nature wallpaper. For many tribes, tattoos were the symbol of bravery. Black colour is commonly used to draw these tattoos.

  •  Fine line Tattoos

Fine line tattooing is the modern tattooing style. These are much detailed tattoos with special effects and shades. This style is used to obtain delicate looks.

  •  Realistic and Surrealistic Tattoos

The realistic tattoos represent nature and wildlife. These include highly detailed portraits of landscapes and jungles. Corresponding to the realistic tattoos are the surrealistic ones where imaginary creatures like monster, ghosts and devils are drawn.

  •  Anime Tattoos

The tattoos involve portraits of cartoon characters. A lot of colour combinations are to be used to draw these tattoos. These are very attractive.

  • Religious tattoos

Religious tattoos originated from ancient Egypt and became famous in Europe in the later years. Religious tattoos involve drawing of crosses, portrait of Jesus Christ, angels and Mother Mary, the Swastika symbol, The Khanda and others. People also tattoo holy scripts and slogans on their skin.

  • Portrait Tattoos

The designer must be extremely skilled in art to draw portrait tattoos. The portrait tattoos are created using fine line tattoo style. The making of these tattoos are the most critical job for an artist.

  • Asian type Tattoos

These types of tattoos are very colorful. The Asian Tattoos involve drawings of Yin Yang, blossom, Samurai, Ninja, Buddha, Koi Fish and Dragons. The tattoos are used in combination describing a story from the past. They are two dimensional and cover almost the whole part of the body.

> How to become a perfect tattoo artist

• It needs high level artistic skills and creativity to become maestro in tattoo art graphics designing. One needs to be certified to earn good money. • An artist should make sure that his tattoos designs are innovative. • A tattooist should always work on creating unique designs.  

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