Doctor Notes Templates

For Urgent Care Patients, a Doctor Note Is Vital. Create One with's Free Simple Templates. In Addition to That, You Can Use Our Documents to Make a School Excuse Letter, Printable Work Report, Emergency Room Form, Pediatrics Professional Record as well as Orthodontist Appointment Checklist. Download a Template now!See more

What Is a Doctor's Note?

A doctor's note, or sometimes termed as a sick note, is a note recommendation from your doctor about your medical condition and how it affects your capability to work. A doctor's note can contain a doctor's diagnosis like illness, injuries, and/or chronic diseases. It also indicates how long you will not be able to attend work. But there are certain instances that you don't necessarily need a doctor' note. If you're off work sick for seven days or less, your employer shouldn't ask for medical evidence that you've been ill.

How to Make a Doctor's Note

doctor note template

To make a fake doctor's note comes with consequences. It is your choice to make one. But if you are absent from work and your company requires you to issue a doctor's sick note, you can now easily make one through our templates. However, this does not guarantee that your note will be accepted by your company due to your employer or teacher's instinct about your doctor's note. To avoid being caught, here are tips as to how to make an effective doctor's note. Disclaimer, these tips are risky and you have the freedom to follow them or not.

1. Make It Relevant to Work

It is believable to present a printable note that is relevant or associated with the type of work environment you belong to.  For example, your manager is more likely to believe that you had to call a sick leave because of lung irritation if you worked at a coal mine. Think about it, what are the possible "diseases" you could "contract" from your work environment.

2. Make It Likely to Happen for You

It's a bit easier to believe a man who called in sick because his heart was acting up when this same person has a history of heart problems. Try to see if you can use anything from your past diseases to "suddenly get it again" just in time for that sweet vacation you "aren't" going to because you're "so very sick and need bed rest."

3. Have a Format

Be as well-equipped as possible when making a doctor's note; you have to know what kinds of formats are available as doctors have different simple notes for different purposes. For example, a doctor's note for just an appointment may contain only their name, date, time of the meeting as well as a brief description of why you have to meet while a request for bedrest may contain a much more detailed description of the "ailment" with medication prescribed and recommended days for rest.

4. Prepare to Forge

Hopefully, if you found some templates you looked up online already having doctor's names and signatures, you'll probably be fine. But on the very real chance it doesn't, or you have to make your own sample doctor's note, you're gonna have to forge up a name and signature. Now, this is VERY ILLEGAL and we strongly recommend you don't go this far, but if you do this, do it right—don't expect to get away with it when you had to see a Dr. Kingof D. Jungle who's signature happens to resemble yours. Think. It. Through. Small tip, if you can get someone to sign it for you, and they're the opposite gender from you, it'd be a big help.

5. Don't Overdo It

This applies as much to what to put in the note, as well as how you use your notes. Do not overload it with illnesses like "bronchitis with a consistent headache and a mild concussion"—you're making a doctor's note, not a cocktail recipe. Like a real doctor, pick one illness, study it thoroughly, and decide on how it should be treated. This makes it more believable as you can input good detail on one disease than have multiple, vague illnesses.