Recaps play an important role in wrapping up and repeating something that has already been discussed, whether in long meetings or brief gatherings. Having a recap helps those who weren’t able to attend the gathering, those who have a short attention span, or those who weren’t focused on the discussion keep up with the things that were talked about. recap

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Recap Definition & Meaning

A recap in its dictionary meaning is a short term for recapitulation which means to repeat what has been discussed.

This means that a recap is used as a tool to reiterate and summarize the main points of the discussion for people who weren’t able to listen, grasp, and attend.

What Is a Recap?

A recap, or recapitulation, is a comprehensive and concise summary. This is a tool for recapping, reminding, repeating, and wrapping up a discussion. Recap is often used during meetings, brainstorming, research, and other kinds of gatherings that contain various information to absorb.

10 Types of Recap

Work Recap

At work, meetings and gatherings are inevitable, hence recapping plays an important role in this environment. A recap refreshes the information about something and allows employees to be reminded of certain schedules, tasks, instructions, or any other information. A work recap ensures that information is available for everyone, including those late in the meeting and those who weren’t able to attend.


Training Recap

During training, one can expect an overload of information and salient knowledge. Training recap helps both trainers and trainees to remember the essential information talked about in the training. This document will come in handy for future use.


Shift Recap

shift recap is a summary of what happened during the shift. This document is also a guiding tool to help employees manage and walk through all the necessary things to do during the duration of the shift. Shift recap comes in handy for managers or employers during the evaluation and checking of productivity.


Marketing Recap

Marketing involves plenty of information to digest and remember, especially during the brainstorming and execution stage. This is where a marketing recap comes in handy, this document will reiterate the important points to remember.  Marketing recap plays an as important part in the whole marketing project execution.


Project Recap

The nature of the project includes various information, deliverables, and points to remember. A project recap helps project managers and all stakeholders to keep track of everything. This act as a documentation tool that summarizes and supplies all the information during the whole duration of the project.


Summary Recap

The whole point of a recap is to summarize salient points of the discussion. A summary recap is a document containing summarized and concise information. This document helps people to easily digest the discussion, remember the important points, and act accordingly.


Financial Recap

A financial recap is a concise summary of a financial discussion. This document is usually used during finance-related meetings and financial deliverables of projects, events, and the like. A financial recap includes all the financial transactions and movement of the company and organization.


Conference Recap

During a conference, discussions include various information that needs to be remembered. A conference recap helps attendees remind all the points and refresh their memory of the conference. This document is usually handed out at the end of the conference or given days after the gathering.


Event Recap

Events are gatherings that make up different happenings and usually flow with a program. With this, important points and happenings are sprouted everywhere, this is where event recap comes in. An event recap summarizes what happened during the event, highlights the main points, and documents the event.


Deal Recap

Deal recap summarizes all the essential information of the transaction, such as the purchase of valuable items. Deal recap documents everything to avoid unnecessary problems and challenges in the future. This document ensures that all information stated in the transaction is true and helpful.


Recap Uses, Purpose, Importance

Recap is commonly used as a repeating tool but it is more than just that. Recap is used also as a reminder and refresher for information, below are some more explicit uses, purposes, and importance.


A recap is a rundown of the agenda and everything that has been discussed, including the deadlines, tasking, suggestions, and other information.  This helps attendees to be reminded about the main points and act on them as soon as possible.

Communication Tool

A recap also acts as a communication tool, especially for those who weren’t able to attend the meeting. This gives them the heads up for any tasking, schedules, or information that needs to be discussed.


Recap is best used to provide information and give instructions. Recap is often placed on documents, either physical or soft copy for documentation and going over a couple of times after the meeting.


A recap is a summarized and concise version of a long meeting. This is used to avoid information overload and mind blocking.


Recap reminds everyone of what has been discussed in the past. The nature of meetings is often talking with multiple information at once, hence big chances are some information will go down the drain but a recap helps everyone to be reminded of information in the future.

What’s in a Recap? Parts?

Basic Information

This part includes the title or reason for the meeting, the time, venue, and attendees. This helps in pointing out where and when the information comes from.


Agenda rundowns the purpose and main topics of the gathering. This will act as a guide in the overall flow of the information all throughout the recap document.

List of the discussion

This part narrates everything that has been talked about. The list of the discussion includes main points, instructions, schedules, taskings, and other significant points.


The highlights are the urgent and very important points in the meeting. This part is often the main reason for the meeting.

Ending notes

This part includes the next meeting schedule, the maker of the recap, and the important instruction for the recipients. Some recaps also include supporting documents in this part if necessary.


How to Design a Recap

1. Choose a Recap Size

2. Decide on the purpose of the recap

3. Select a Recap Template

4. Write rough notes of the meeting and then narrow it down to main points

5. Supply the information on the template and fact check

6. Download a copy of the recap document

7. Send a copy to the recipients via email, fax, or any mode of your choice


Recap vs. Recapitulate

Recap is the short and conversational term for recapitulating which means repeating significant points that have been discussed.

Recapitulate means to repeat or make a summary of something for documentation and future use.

What’s The Difference Between Recap, Summary, and Review?

A recap is a document that contains details of what has been discussed.

A summary is a concise list of significant information and is often a digest of the meeting or gathering.

A review is a document from an assessment or evaluation of something.

Recap Sizes

Indeed, recap plays a vital role in refreshing information but one important detail that is often overlooked yet significantly affects the overall quality of the document is its size. The standard recap sizes are Letter size at 8.5 × 11 inches and A4 at 8.3 × 11.7 inches, the same as other relevant documents in the market.


Recap Ideas & Examples

Since recap is used in various ways, here are the best recap ideas and examples that one can use.

  • Trade Show Recap Ideas and Examples
  • Store Visit Recap Ideas and Examples
  • Sales Recap Ideas and Examples
  • Performance Recap Ideas and Examples
  • Interview Recap Ideas and Examples
  • Weekly Recap Ideas and Examples
  • Campaign Recap Ideas and Examples
  • Coaching Recap Ideas and Examples
  • Business Recap  Ideas and Examples
  • Budget Recap Ideas and Examples


How do you recap an event?

Recapping an event starts with doing rough notes during the event then summarizing them following the program then stating significant points, then choosing a template, properly writing them, and lastly sending them to proper recipients.

How long does a recap photo take?

The software application, ReCap Photo reconstructs the photos within ± 1 pixel of the input images, however, the duration still varies from the size of the photo.

What should a meeting recap include?

A meeting recap must include the basic information of the meeting, such as date & time, attendees, who called for the meeting, and title of the meeting, a rundown of the agenda, main points, and important notes to remember.

How do you conduct a recap session?

In conducting a recap session, one must prepare the agenda as a guide, tackle the main points, including attendees in the discussion, and wrap up accordingly.

How do you use recap in a sentence?

Recapping in one sentence must be concise yet factual which means it must include the main points of the information.

How do I share a recap file?

Sharing a recap file varies from one platform to another, but the file must still be uploaded following the correct file size of the platform and adding a good body to introduce the file and then send it to appropriate recipients.

Why do students need to recap in studies?

Studying contains multiple pieces of information that often crowds the brain, with recapping, students will be reminded of the main points, and repeating will help inject the information into the brain easily.

What is a recap resource for career practitioners?

Recap resource is an information guide for career practitioners, this helps them refresh their learning and knowledge on something.

How do you navigate in ReCap?

Designers and engineers can navigate the ReCap software application, the first thing that you have to do is to secure the application and follow the manual accordingly.

What is a recap sentence?

A recap sentence is a single and brief narration containing the main points of the discussion.

Where to make a recap?

Recap can be done using word-processing software like MS Word, Google Docs, and Apple Pages, or using the traditional way of pen and paper.

Is there a proper format for creating a recap?

No, there isn’t a proper format to create a recap because it varies from one kind to another, but there are standard parts to follow in making a recap.

Where can I get a recap template online?

There are plenty of different applications and websites that offer ready-to-use and professionally-made recap templates, such as

Is recapping hard to do?

Recapping is not hard to do, however, it is quite challenging to point out important points and summarize all the information in one comprehensive yet concise document.

Who uses a recap?

Recap is widely used across different fields and industries, but the common users of recaps are employees and those in charge to take them.

What does it mean to recap?

Recap means to recall or refresh information from a discussion.

Where is recap used?

Recap is often used during meetings, conferences, knowledge-based events, and other gatherings.

What is the difference between recap and meeting minutes?

A recap is the general summarization and repeating of the information discussed while meeting minutes is the comprehensive documentation of the flow of the meeting.

What is the purpose of recapping?

The main purpose of recapping is to repeat what has been discussed, but its other purpose is for summarization, documentation, and for future reference.

How do you provide a recap?

To provide a recap, all you have to do is take notes of salient information, gather them according to the main points, and properly construct a narration of the information.

How do teachers provide a recap?

Teachers provide a recap to their students starting with the topics discussed in the last meeting then followed by highlighting the relevant points and achievements of the students and wrapping up with the lessons of the day to prepare students for what will happen.

Is recap useful for employees?

Yes, recaps are useful for employees because they will act as a refresher of the information they learned from the past that might come in handy in the present.