Some people said that “it takes a big heart to shape a little mind.” This statement must be true when we care for the children. If you have a passion for stimulating, creating, and developing a child’s overall skills and self-concept, then, you need to have a childcare resume that would help you with your application. These childcare resume templates are easily editable and 100% customizable, available in all file formats such as Microsoft Word (.doc)Apple Pages (.pages), Adobe Photoshop (.psd). Perfectly summarize your qualifications using our resume templates. On top of that, these files are downloadable using your personal computer, Mac and iOS devices, and mobile phones. Don’t lose the chance to download any of our ready-made childcare resume templates today!

What is a Childcare Resume?

A childcare resume is a type of professional resume that is intended for the specific types of daycare professions such as childcare assistant director, professional teacher, volunteer, educator, or a worker. In these types of jobs, children are supervised and cared for by these people other than their parents or caregivers. Since obtaining affordable and quality childcare for children under five (5) years old are parent’s major concerns, these problems have to be met in possible ways like care in a child’s home, care in an organized child daycare facility or care in a provider’s home.

How to Create Childcare Resumes

With the increasing number of women in the labor force, formal childcare services have also been the fastest growing business in the economy. These childcare works would require a person who is willing to care for the children, a resume to pass. In order to do that, we have provided you below the tips on how to effectively create childcare resumes:

1. Download a Childcare Resume Template

These childcare resume templates can save you from stress and hassle in drafting one from scratch. PRO offers you a vast array of templates including, but not limited to, resume templates. Each template comes with preformatted content that you can easily change or keep to your advantage. Make the most of these templates, and see what awaits you after you download them.

2. Provide Clear Objectives

Resumes are normally attached to your job application letters. A basic resume provides further details and a summary of qualifications which includes, of course, clear and well-written objectives that can help you be hired fast and easy. In writing your objectives, make sure it is related and centered on the specific job role you’re applying. State your intentions and experience clearly. Be as specific and accurate as possible.

3. Add a Recent Formal Picture

Pictures help you make a personalized resume. Some people opt not to put their pictures on their resumes; however, current trends in business companies would require you to add your recent picture. This is because your prospective employer would want you to be easily identified, not just in your name but also in the face. With that, we also have ready-made photo resume templates for you to freely download.

4. Keep the Details Precise and Informative

Unlike in CVs, the information in resumes should be written in a summarized manner. It highlights more on your skills and training that are related to childcare jobs. Take note not to include unnecessary information. Not all achievements should be put in your resume. Make a checklist of all your achievements and filter them. Choose only the necessary achievements needed to be hired.

5. List Your Educational Background in Chronological Order

In listing your educational successes, limit them to appropriate ones. You may only add certificates that are of high relevance to your job role. Other than that, leave them to your CV (curriculum vitae).

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