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What Is a Coach Letter?

A coach letter is a type of letter that is intended for a coach. This can be an appreciation letter, recommendation letter, goodbye letter, or a thank-you letter that talks about the team’s appreciation for the efforts and dedication of a coach.

How to Write a Coach Letter

Coaching is more than just providing directives to a team. J. Cote and W. Gilbert defined coaching as "the consistent application of integrated professional, interpersonal, and intrapersonal knowledge to improve athletes’ competence, confidence, connection, and character." With their contributions, they deserve to be praised and appreciated. Here are tips on how you can write a decent coach letter.

1. Personalize Your Letter

When sending a letter to your coach, make sure to not just grab one from the internet. You have to personalize it according to the personality of the coach. If you plan of using ready-made templates, be sure to customize them.

2. Address the Coach Specifically

Make sure to let the coach know that the letter is for him/her. If you’re sending a coach letter to your different coaches, be sure to avoid interchanging their names. Otherwise, you’d be putting them, including yourself, in an awkward situation.

3. Write What You Appreciate About the Coach

Since this is a personalized letter, you have to let your coach know that it's him/her you appreciate. You can start by saying how you appreciate his dedication to the team, or about him/her sharing is expertise to each one of you even beyond the training schedule.

4. Mention How Their Training Motivates You

State in your letter how the training motivates you to strive more. It will provide a feeling of accomplishment knowing that what the coach does motivates the team to improve and be the athlete they can be.

5. Give It Personally

Your coach will appreciate it more if you give the letter personally. You can just send it through email if you feel awkward giving it in person. However, it will be up to you.

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