What is a Community Brochure?

A community brochure is an informative advertising paper often used for sharing promotional material inside the community. It can promote community activities such as church community outreach, community festival, community outreach, community services, and so on.

As what its name entails, a community brochure is specifically for the community by the community foundation, a non-profit organization. Since a community is a social unit that has something like norms, religion, values, or identity in common, it usually brings the people closer through the community activities.

How to Make a Community Brochure?

A community refers to a group of people who often share a sense of place and works together to a common goal. These people have the same views and help each other through difficult times. What better way to promote and strengthen that relationship than creating a community brochure that will focus on the achievements and project plans of the community. Create your compelling community brochure, whether it is a bi-fold or tri-fold brochure. You can follow the guidelines we've laid out for you.

1. Vision

Brainstorm with the people behind the community, and think of the vision your community has. Do you want to make your community a better place for everyone? Ask yourself questions that will give meaning to your simple brochure. The vision statement should address all the elements that make up the community socially, culturally, and economically. The vision will guide the content of the community brochure.

2. Community Activities

Since your sample brochure focuses on the community, do not forget to include community activities to keep the people in the know. Explain to the readers about past, ongoing, and upcoming activities. For example, the community elementary school students organized a tree planting for the betterment of the community. Expound it to the readers by using the 5Ws & 1H if possible. Make sure that the content is all about the community. Do not stray from the topic.

3. Achievements

List all the achievements of your community on the marketing brochure. Add short descriptions of your community's achievements. Accomplishments serve as proof of the work that was put in towards the achievement of a certain goal. Therefore, you need to recognize even the smallest achievements in your community brochure.

4. Design

Designing your community brochure is the most exciting part. Do not settle for a plain community brochure. Add color schemes and images that will surely catch the attention of the people in your community. Use relevant images that will surely represent your community but keep it minimal and not much cluttered. Sit down and conceptualize a community brochure design that will represent your community best.

5. Distribute

Once you have the finished community brochure, print it in its highest quality to withstand the distribution process. There are a lot of ways to distribute your printable brochure. You can distribute it via snail mail, hand it out on the streets, or place it in strategic locations.

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