Exhibition Proposal Templates

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Whether you're planning to host an art or science exhibition in a museum or gallery, we have the perfect proposal templates that you can use! We have ready-made Exhibition Proposal Templates in various file formats, including Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and Google Docs. These templates have pre-written content that you can easily edit to outline your exhibition brief, budget, and other related information. Get the approval you need with our printable templates today!

How to Write an Exhibition Proposal

The first public fine arts exhibition took place in London in 1756; the Royal Society hosted the event for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce. Exhibitions are common nowadays; it showcases inventions and art created by famous or upcoming artists and inventors. To help you write a smashing exhibition proposal, we have written an easy guide below.

1. Provide a Clear Summary

Before you dive into your proposal, provide a clear summary of your exhibit. What is its purpose? How will the event be facilitated? All relevant information about the event should be included, but make sure to make it brief and straightforward.

2. Follow a Professional Format

You want to impress your potential sponsors with your idea; thus, it is important to follow a clear and comprehensive outline. You must have a clear flow from your executive summary down to the procedures down to the budget. You can also include a cover letter; still, make sure to follow a formal layout.

3. State Your Proposal

Your proposal must be direct; state what you need from your sponsors and clearly state the amount or the budget you need. Include the sponsorship details or money transfer information to ensure your sponsors know how and where to send their support.

4. Use Templates

If you're in doubt, you can download ready-made proposal templates online. has a wide selection of proposal templates that you can easily customize to suit your purpose and preferences. These templates come in various file formats, including Word, Apple Pages, Google Docs, and PDF.


  • What is the exhibition?

      By definition, an exhibition is a public display or works in a gallery or museum or at a trade fair. It is an organized display and presentation or art, inventions, novelty pieces, among other things, to showcase talents and educate the audience.

  • What are the other proposal templates are in

      Aside from exhibition proposal templates, the website also has other proposals, such as business proposal, branding proposal, construction proposal, marketing proposal, and budget proposal.

  • What are the parts of an effective proposal?

      A convincing proposal includes the following parts:

      1. Title Page
      2. Table of Contents
      3. Abstract or Executive Summary
      4. Needs Statement or Problem Statement
      5. General Objectives or Specific Solutions
      6. Project or Action Plan
      7. Assessment of Outcomes
      8. Distribution of Results
      9. Key Personnel
      10. Space and Equipment Requirements
      11. Budget
      12. Appendices or Attachments

  • What are the available formats for the exhibition proposal templates?

      The templates are available in various formats, including but not limited to Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Apple Pages, and PDF. These are all easily editable and printable using most devices.