There will always come a time when a person decides to leave the company they are working for due to various reasons. They could seek better career growth, or have personal issues with the corporation, making themselves unhappy with the team.  Whatever your reasons are, writing a memo regarding your decision is your first step in any resignation. So if you need to create one in a snap, use our professionally written Formal Resignation Letter Templates Without wasting a lot of time and effort, all you have to do is to deal with fill-in-blank features anytime and anywhere. Make your resignation official by using our templates today!

What is a Formal Resignation Letter?

If you plan on resigning from your current job, you are obligated to send a formal resignation letter before you leave the company. The letter provides an accurate report on your decision to end your employment. This document will serve as your notice to inform your employer formally about your reason. The resignation letter can also serve as your medium to officially express your gratitude towards your employer for allowing you to be part of the organization.

How to Create a Formal Resignation Letter

This article will teach you some guidelines on how to effectively create a formal resignation letter so you can leave your current job in good terms.

1. Always Start with the Basics

Every simple letter always starts with introducing yourself as the sender. This practically means that you will have to provide your full name at the beginning of the message. You must also provide the date that you will send the letter. Once done with adding in your information, the next thing that you must do is include which team or department you belong to.

2. Highlight the Main Purpose of the Letter

Before proceeding with the main message, start with courteous greetings and salutations. Then, mention why you are sending the letter and state the reason why you wish to resign.

3. Elaborate on Your Resignation

Most employers may want more relevant information on why you want to end your employment with them. Elaborate on specific details for whatever acceptable purpose you may well have to provide in the sample letter, and include all the specifics that you need.

4. Extend Your Appreciation

It's best to create a message that expresses your gratitude for working with the company, regardless of your time with them. This will preserve a significant relationship that could be beneficial in the long run. You may also specify the date when you are willing to be discharged with the company.

5. Close the Letter

Close the printable letter by acknowledging your employer one last time. Then, incorporate your full name and signature at the bottom part of the document to verify that the document is from you.

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