What Is a Fundraising Plan?

A fundraising plan is a file that organizes the activities of your fundraising campaign over a specific timeframe. It generally includes campaign approaches, dates, details, and targeted communication plans. If your plan is well-written and well-researched, there's a huge possibility that you'll be launching a successful fundraising campaign.

To tell if you have an excellent plan, it must represent a whole, arranged, and statistical narration that can be utilized to launch your campaign more flourishing.

How To Write A Strategic Fundraising Plan

fundraising plan template

In writing a detailed strategic fundraising plan, there are various factors that you need to include such approaches, budget, and more complex details.

We created guidelines so you can establish a plan outline with ease to launch a progressive fundraising campaign. Understand and follow the steps below carefully, and we're sure that you'll be fine. Good luck!

1.) Identify Your Campaign Goals

Do you want to create a strategic plan? If yes, the first thing you need to do is to identify the objectives of your campaign. Consider how much funds you need to gain and where or how will you spend it. To determine an accurate goal, try to gather data about the campaign, evaluate and review it thoroughly.

Moreover, if you have several goals, it's better to establish each one them a plan.

2.) Compose A Fundraising Outline

When you determine the sole purpose of your fundraising campaign already, establish effective methods that you need from gathering data until achieving goals. Don't be scared if it's unorganized or ineffective, consider that it's just a draft, and you can revise it later on.

Most of the great ideas came from scrap, so don't hesitate to input your concepts but still make sure that it's relevant to your objectives.

3.) Identify The Possible Costs And Sources

Of course, outlining the costs that you need to proceed with your plans is an essential part too. When measuring the costs, be practical but plan to utilize cheap yet efficient processes so that expenses won't consume all your profits. Don't forget to use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and other online communication programs. In fact, researchers found, 57% of people who view charitable videos proceed to donate, and online devices are considered 20% extra beneficial than straightforward mail when it comes to attracting benefactors.

Additionally, determine the funding sources, consider how you can attract more donors, and retain them once you've got their support.

4.) Develop A Certain Timeframe

Now is the time that you'll distinguish the certain duration of your fundraising campaign. Set a specific timeframe when the campaign lasts and who will lead it in that timeframe. In other words, determine if it'll be in a week, month, or decades but the most common duration is one year.

The timeline or schedule will clearly develop during a certain period of time, but having one, to begin with, will guarantee that you acquire something fulfilled.

5.) Test Your Plan

Set some criteria to judge whether the campaign is worth it or not. Include the time, costs, estimate sheets, range of your workforce, contacts, and profits. Once your fundraising campaign results are successful, you'll surely want to proceed to bigger goals and profits, more complex approaches, and more modern methods.

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