Home care is now in demand for families that are having trouble in managing their home and taking care of their elderlies. With that, many home care businesses are now emerging in the market. Competition between competitors gets high that is why you need to come up with unique advertising techniques. Stay on the old-fashioned way of advertising by using our best Home Care Brochure Templates. Make a brochure with a new twist by using these 100% customizable templates. Beautifully designed that will make your editing quick. Easily editable and print-ready using the available formats such as Illustrator, InDesign, Publisher, Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, and Photoshop. Start your advertising by downloading our templates now!

What Is a Home Care Brochure?

Home Care Brochures are the type of advertising techniques that a home care agency uses. Home care is a home health agency that can cater to everything a family needs such as nursing, health care, childcare, care assistants, senior care, and any home care services that a family wants. The agency will send a caregiver or a registered nurse that will do the nursing and any medical needs a family member needed. It is the private duty of home care to give urgent care or patient care to their clients.

How to Create a Home Care Brochure

Even though giving out brochures as an advertising strategy is old fashioned, it is still one of the most effective techniques. You just need to create a sample brochure that will stand out and will catch the interest of the families that needs a home health aid. If you are having problems with how to start and make an effective brochure, there are steps below for you to follow in making your home came brochure.

1. Pick a Brochure Type

There are a lot of brochure types that are now emerging. Before you start making your modern brochure, make sure that you have already decided on the type you will be making. You can choose from the various brochure types such as tri-fold, half-fold, bi-fold, z fold, gate-fold, french fold, accordion fold, and double parallel fold. If you want your brochure to be in a formal form then you can make a double gate-fold, gate-fold, or tri-fold.

2. Make a Headline

For your brochure to be more effective and eye-catching, you need to come up with a headline that will pique the interest of your targeted customers. Make a headline that is informative enough to inform the people who have received the brochure about what you are advertising for.

3. Write Down Services

To inform the people about the services you offered, you need to include in your marketing brochure all the services you can cater to. It does not need to have the corresponding price since it is a home care services type of business so exact pricing will be difficult. Never forget even one service on the list to avoid loss of income. Also, do not forget to include the contact details of your company because since this is outdoor advertising, you cannot straightly talk to the customers so they need the contact information for them to inquire if they are interested.

4. Choose a Design

After deciding the brochure type, making a headline, and writing down the services offered, it is now time for you to craft the design. Since it is a home care brochure, you can use a home or a senior and child photos as your background. Do not over exaggerate the background, text, and color of your brochure because it may look overbearing for the customers.

5. Organize the Contents

Layouting will be the final step in making a brochure. After following all the steps above, it is now time for you to organize and layout the contents of your brochure. Always remember that the headline and the name of your home care agency should be placed on the cover page while the services offered will be on the inside page.

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