Restaurant Log Templates

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Are you worried for your restaurant operations management? Leave all tensions behind because we have several log sheets templates ready for your use. Well-recorded business data is always fruitful and contribute to its success. Need outlined sheet templates to track duties assigned, payroll management, and other actions? We have got several options for your every single purpose. Understanding the busy nature of your business, we have kept them 100% editable and customizable for your quick use. They are available in formats like Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Adobe Photoshop, and so on. Have the best for your purpose with our pocket-friendly subscription plans today!

What are the Purpose of the Restaurant logs?

Documenting every single action at your restaurant helps to grow a healthy business. Without proper structure, such documents can’t communicate with every department. Thus several work-sheets are made to keep track of payments, operations, dishes for the week, daily labor, etc. Such documents help in smooth maintenance and management of the restaurant and achieve desired goals.  

How to Make Restaurant Log Sheets?

Owning a restaurant assigns great responsibilities. Thus keeping several production sheets ready for record maintenance is vital. We understand your lack of time; therefore, we suggest several pre-structured daily sheet templates available at If you want to use your creativity, we have also cited the process in the simple steps below:

Create a File

Make a document, and we would suggest choosing Google Sheets or an Excel file. These files are easy to calculate numbers in payrolls and define specific tasks of different departments.

Frame Categories

On top of the tracking sheet, a row should include the date, time, weekdays, departments or employees, etc. separately. The left-hand side margin should consist of the tasks and operations details. 

Leave Apt Space 

Every column and row designed to record information should contain apt space to include all the essential detail. 

Recheck and Save

Once all the information category is framed, recheck that nothing got missed out and save it for your restaurant data documentation. 

At, we have various smart log sheet templates for restaurant accounting, demand and supply management, etc. We never fail to provide you options on the different needs of yours. We assure product quality and usefulness. Using them, you will reduce twice the time and effort that you otherwise have required to put in making them. Why wait further, try our free and pro templates and decide if they are fit perfectly to your requirements or not.