It has been a long day, and you've already exhausted yourself teaching these students. How do you know if it was worth all the chalk or ink, and voice spent? Well, you can ask them one by one regarding their takeaways for today, but one effective method is through the use of exit tickets. Encourage your students to listen and make reflection time more interactive with our high quality and printable Exit Ticket Templates. Editable in Adobe Illustrator, MS Word, Apple Pages, Photoshop, and Publisher. Guaranteed, you will be getting the results that you want with these versatile and best exit ticket. Save more money and time, click the download button now! 

What is an Exit Ticket?

An exit ticket is a creative document that has a set of questions used to assess a student's learning regarding a specific lesson or of the day's entire class. It is an effective teaching material used by teachers for years as it is easy to reproduce, saves more time, and provides the class printable tickets to read for shared learning.

How to Create an Effective Exit Ticket

exit ticket template

Anyone can create a modern ticket in just minutes. But if you are sincere and passionate in your role as an educator, you would understand the need for an effective exit ticket template that is more than just its design. So how do you successfully create one? Take note of these few important points.

1. Determine Exit Ticket's Objectives

What is the objective of your ticket slip? Is it for the student's reflection or more focused on the teacher's reflection? Beyond the fact that simple tickets are used to assess a student's learning, these versatile materials can be used for other purposes too. It can be used to evaluate the educator's method of teaching or the materials used. It can also be used to assess a classmate's performance in the classroom.

2. Focus on the Content, not on the Design

Don't miss out on prioritizing the content more than the design. You might end up with a beautifully-designed template with average-category content in the pursuit of having an attractive blank ticket outline. Divert your focus to creating meaningful and useful questions that will act as caliber in evaluating how much they have learned from the lesson.

3. Summarize the Lesson Well

Sample tickets are not supposed to be a day-long activity. The goal is to evaluate a student's learning in a short amount of given time. Summarize the lesson or topics covered for the day, and that alone. Don't include the lesson two weeks ago.

4. Incorporate Some Design Elements

This point is most applicable for those teaching in preschool or kids who are below the college level. Kids become more enthusiastic when they see something that attracts them visually. Use royalty-free graphics and designs to have a professional-looking template. Don't forget to add white space as well. Use appropriate and relevant designs to use in your sample ticket.

5. Choose the Right Printing Material

If you want a durable minimal ticket template that your students can keep and use as a studying material, you might want to settle with medium card stock for printing it. Don't use the regular printing paper as it is fragile and easy to tear. Use a 10 point to a 14 point card stock as this thickness is just enough, not too fragile and not too bulky.

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