Vintage Ticket Templates

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What Is a Vintage Ticket?

A vintage ticket is a small piece of paper or card with a vintage-inspired design that is used to admit one individual to enter a place, travel by transportation, or join an event. This is basically just like any other type of printable ticket with the exception of its design that's heavily inspired by vintage themes.

How to Create a Vintage Ticket

vintage ticket template

Want to learn how to create impressive vintage tickets that look genuinely like they're not from this time? We'll provide you with everything you need to know about vintage tickets including a step-by-step guide on how to make one, some tips on how to distinguish between vintage, antique, and retro ticket designs.

1. Differentiate Vintage, Retro, and Antique 

If you're creating vintage tickets stubs, make sure you're really going for vintage and not retro or antique. Vintage refers to an old-fashioned theme from a specific era and is not more than a hundred (usually between 25 to 50) years old. For antique and retro, the former is considered a style that is more than a hundred years old while the latter is simply an imitation of a past style. By differentiating these styles, you can utilize the principles of design properly. 

2. Know the Qualities and Characteristics of a Vintage Design

Sure, you've differentiated vintage between retro and antique, but do you know the characteristics of vintage in graphic design? Vintage designs are known for using high-contrasted but slightly dark colors, a very distinguishable art style, the use of abstract imagery, and often minimalist themes. It's not necessary to know all the characteristics of vintage designs, but it'll greatly help in making your tickets look genuine.

3. Identify the Purpose of Your Vintage Tickets

Where do you plan to use your vintage tickets? To a circus or carnival? To the movies or a cinema house? Or is it a concert ticket? Whatever that purpose may be, just make sure to identify it and use the information to help provide you with the needed inspiration. It takes guts to create something that's old-timey, which is why having a good source of inspiration is essential.

4. Outline the Details to be Included on the Vintage Ticket

What details are you planning to include in your vintage tickets? This actually depends on the purpose that you have identified in the previous step. If you're planning to make a vintage-inspired sports tickets, the content should include the names of the teams or players who will be competing, the date and time of the game, the venue, and the names and contact numbers of the organizers or sponsors.

5. Start Designing Your Vintage Tickets

By using an editing tool of your choice, you can start working on your vintage ticket design by gathering and putting together vintage-inspired graphical elements. For easy editing, you may want to use vectors especially if you're using Adobe Illustrator. Once the design has been set, you can start adding the content based on the details that you have outlined in the previous step.

6. Print Your Vintage Tickets and Start Selling or Distributing Them

If you're done finalizing your vintage tickets, you can save it in either a printable or shareable format. If you're making vintage tickets to a Broadway show, you will most likely need to print it before selling it to people. On the other hand, if you're making vintage airline tickets, chances are you'll simply need to put up the design on the website and the customers will have to print it themselves.