Baseball Ticket Templates

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The game of baseball is among the most recognizable and popular sport in the world, especially in the USA and some countries in North and South America. Baseball's entertainment value and intensity cannot be questioned since millions of fans continue to flock stadiums to witness live matches. So if you're part of a baseball organization that organizes baseball sporting events, you're in the right business. Should your organization have upcoming baseball events, we encourage you to make use of our editable Baseball Ticket Templates in creating your tickets. Each of these printable files displays well-crafted designs that cater to your baseball events. You can customize them in MS Publisher, MS Word, Apple Pages, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe PSD. Save yourself the hassle from creating baseball tickets from scratch by downloading these ticket templates now!   

What is a Baseball Ticket?

A baseball ticket is a specific type of admission ticket that grants its holder access to a particular baseball sporting event. These events could be major league games, minor league games, or exhibition games. Baseball tickets are sold by organizations that handle baseball tournaments and programs.

How to Create a Baseball Ticket

According to an article from The New York Times by Juliette Love, the popularity of baseball somehow declined in the USA and other parts of the world, but not at an alarming rate. But the population of the sport's fanbase is still at a high level. Television ratings of live baseball games are steady, and ticket sales are consistently racking up huge numbers. So if you're in the business of organizing baseball tournaments, the possibility of your organization earning profit through your ticket sales is high. In this guide, we will show you a few tips in creating an event ticket for your baseball events.

1. Emphasize the Baseball Event's Title

You should state the title of the baseball event on the sports ticket. However, you must also emphasize it by enlarging its font size and setting an elegant font style and font color. In doing so, the baseball ticket will also be marketing and promoting your upcoming baseball event. An example of a baseball event title would be like this: "LA Dodgers V.S. New York Yankees."   

2. Indicate the Baseball Ticket's Value

The tickets of major league baseball games have specific values. Some are for upper bleachers (cheaper ones), lower bleachers (costly ones), and VIP seats (VIP tickets). Make sure to indicate the value of the baseball tickets to determine their pricing. Also, see to it to indicate the "Admit One" tag on the ticket to signify that it should only admit one person. And if your baseball event has a raffle segment, you can opt to double the ticket as a raffle ticket.         

3. Convey Date, Time, and Venue

Just like a simple invitation card, you must provide complete information about the baseball event's date, time, and venue on the ticket. Its purpose is to ensure that the ticket holder is aware of when and where the baseball event will occur. Think of your baseball tickets as an invitation to attend a party or banquet. Your invited guests must be aware of where the party is.     

4. Establish a Baseball Theme

Although your baseball ticket is not exactly a marketing material to promote your baseball event, it's not an excuse for it to look bland and generic. Since it represents your upcoming baseball event, it's best to establish a baseball theme for its design. Make your ticket look eye-pleasing as if its a sports flyer or poster.         

5. Add Baseball-Related Images                  

Unlike banner ads and brochure ads, adding baseball-related images on baseball tickets is not entirely necessary. But, they do add to the aesthetic value. In your case, you can attach images of baseball players competing on the event, as well as illustrations and clip arts. It's entirely up to your preference and creativity.