Meal Ticket Templates

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A meal ticket can be considered as one of the most delightful gifts one could ever hope to receive. Everyone likes to eat and it comes as no surprise that we do it on a daily basis. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, buffet or rodeo-style, meal tickets can be used to cover one or all of them. Wondering how to design one that looks pleasing to the eyes? Then look no further! Our meal ticket templates are exactly what you need! Designed with classy color schemes and stylish fonts, they're perfect for promoting your cause! Each template is very easy to download and 100% customizable. Available in all formats and sizes, they'll be yours to keep forever should you choose to download any of them! Don't forget to sign up for any of our affordable subscription plans if you want even more high-quality templates!

What Is a Meal Ticket?

Think of a meal ticket as a coupon or voucher that can be used to exchange for meals. They can be preordered or bought from restaurants, diners, or nearly any establishment that sells food.  The majority of customers who purchase these either use them for their own benefit or hand them over as gifts to those that either want or need them.

How to Make a Meal Ticket

meal ticket template

Meal tickets can come in cards or personalized printouts and can even be used to market your food products. If you want to learn how to properly come up with and design your own meal ticket, then be sure to follow these steps:

1. Decide the Purpose of the Meal Ticket

Meal tickets have different functions for every occasion. Ask yourself how yours is supposed to be used by regular customers. Can it only be used during a specific event? Can it be used by anyone or will it be tied to a specific user? Being able to determine the purpose of your meal ticket and how it should be used will help you plan things out more thoroughly.

2. See to It That All Information Is Included

Your meal ticket should have all the relevant information it needs. This would include food choices, prices, location, date, and time. For restaurants, it would be best to include a small list of your hot sellers. Those meant for students usually contain information on the school they're being educated in and the amount that they can purchase or acquire with the simple ticket. To make things easier, it's best to use an editable ticket template that already has pre-made content. Simply change what you need to until it displays the necessary information.

3. Indicate the Availability of the Ticket

Events like dinners, galas, or banquets usually advertise meal tickets that can be pre-purchased within days or weeks before they take place. This ensures that those who want to attend are guaranteed to be able to. For a situation wherein you allow customers to reserve train tickets, you'll have to announce the date of their availability and come up with a system that keeps track of the number that has been reserved. 

4. Make Your Design Simple but Appetizing and Inviting

Eating is now considered by many as a hobby, especially millennials, who are all food-indulgent but are also very thrifty. In order to attract them, your meal ticket need needs to be able to appeal to their taste. Most modern tickets that are specifically designed to cater to their needs usually utilize toned down but warm colors, or go for catchy phrases that will get their attention. To quote TGIF: "Come for the food, stay for the fun." Depending on the meals your ticket is tied to, you'll need to include high-resolution pictures that will show customers what they can get.

5. You Can Include a Promotion in Your Ticket

If you want to attract more people into buying your meal tickets, then consider adding promo. May you can treat it like a raffle ticket wherein you point out that they can win amazing prizes. Think of ideas that can help your business, while at the same time satisfying your buyers.

6. Schedule Distribution

After everything is done, it's time to start distributing. Guide your customers as to when, where, how, and from whom they can claim the tickets. Be sure to consider the area in which you'll be distributing them as well as the amount that you may need to create.