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How to Design a Restaurant Ticket?

Restaurants are perhaps one of the most profitable businesses out there. According to the National Restaurant Asociation, the restaurant sector had a revenue of 863 billion dollars in 2019. Promotional materials like pamphlets, posters and tickets have played a role in the industry's success. If you are looking to design something like a restaurant ticket, you can check some of the tickets below.

1. Establish the Ticket's Purpose

Before you begin with the design phase of the ticket, you must first have a clear idea of what the ticket's purpose is. As the restaurant manager or the restaurant's graphic designer, you must be aware of what the ticket is for. If you are the latter, it's important to ask your client about the use of the ticket because it will give clarity.

2. Choose a Theme for the Ticket

Choosing a theme for the ticket will be easy once you know of its purpose. The theme that you will decide on will be the guide for the graphic design elements of the ticket, so be careful when choosing one.

3. Gather Visual Materials

With the theme as a guide and reference, you can now gather the visual materials that you might need for the ticket's design. Look for photos, images and color schemes that are in line with your theme.

4. Choose a Suitable Font Style and Font Size

Your restaurant ticket will not be complete with the font style and font size. Let the theme you chose to guide you when choosing a font style. The reason for this is that you want all the visual elements to unite under the theme you chose.

5. Add Security Features

To ensure that the ticket you are designing is secure and no one can easily make a fake to exploit it, you should put security features. There are varying security features you can place in the design, for example, holograms, barcodes and serial numbers. All of these makes the replication of tickets difficult if not impossible.

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