Ticket Vouchers Templates

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What Is A Voucher Ticket?

A voucher ticket is a piece of special printed paper that can be used instead of money in exchange for something. Also, it is a part of marketing strategies that a voucher ticket holder will enjoy privileges such as discounts and free passes.

How to Make A Voucher Ticket

voucher ticket template

In making a service or product voucher ticket for your customers, it is always helpful to have a template than starting from scratch. Though if you wish to make your own template just save your document and print it once you need a new voucher. Here's a step-by-step guide for you to follow in making your own voucher ticket. 

1. Know your Voucher Ticket 

Before anything else, plan out your voucher ticket first. Try to search for ideas about how to make a voucher ticket. There are sample vouchers online that you can refer to. Get inspirations from previous voucher tickets that you had. Take note of what will your voucher ticket serves. Is it for a movie pass? Or a concert entrance?

2. Design your Voucher Ticket 

From the references and inspirations that you have, you can now begin making your voucher ticket. You can download a voucher ticket online to make it more convenient. However, if you want to create a more personalized voucher ticket, you make it from a blank sheet. You can use any word processing or document editor as long as you are comfortable using it. 

3. Edit the Header 

The header of your voucher ticket will carry its impression. You can go big with your header but not too much. Make rooms for important elements such as instructions and the category labels. Include name, address, phone number, email address, date, and manager's signature to authenticate the voucher. Use bold letters and attractive colors so it will pop out. 

4. Write the Instructions 

In most vouchers, you can find instructions at the back of the ticket. The instruction will tell the receiver of the voucher ticket on how to use it. The instruction is listed and in step-by-step. In making the instruction, use simple words and logical process. Avoid complicated process in the instruction so that the holder of the voucher ticket will have it convenient. 

5. Save and Print 

After you are done editing your voucher ticket, go over it once more to check if there are errors in information and especially in the instruction. Reread the instruction to check if everything that's in there is correct. If you are done save your formal document, tweak it and print it each time you need a new voucher.