BBQ Ticket Templates

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People enjoy having barbecue parties, it’s one of the easiest and most inexpensive parties to put together. This also works well if you’re planning to host a fundraising dinner or cookout, or any event for the benefit of the church or town. If you’re indeed putting together a barbecue event, don’t forget to use tickets to keep track of the attendees. Here, we have BBQ Ticket Templates to get you started right away. These templates are easily editable and fully printable for your convenience. Start making tickets by subscribing to our templates!

What Are BBQ Tickets?

Barbecue (also abbreviated as BBQ) tickets are small printed cards or sheets of paper that permit the holder access to a barbecue party or event. Like most tickets, these ones bear the title of the event, participating organizations, schedule, and venue.

How to Design BBQ Tickets

There have been a lot of claims as to the origins of barbecue. Many say it’s from the early 1700s and others say it’s from the late 1800s. Nevertheless, barbecue events are still a thing up to this day. If you’re planning to hold one and need tickets for the attendees, learn how to make them by referring to our guidelines below. 

1. Convey Your Message through the Design

The best way to convey your message is not just through the text, you can do it through the visuals as well. Use this advantage to also lure people into your event ticket. However, make sure to still create a balance between the text and the graphics for aesthetic reasons.

2. Use High-Quality Graphics and Fonts

In connection with what we mentioned earlier, always use high-quality elements in the design. Doing so does a lot for your ticket and you, as the event coordinator. It can help bring out the best features of your ticket and attract people even from afar.

3. Invest in Durable Paper or Card Stock

When choosing the type of stationery for printing your tickets, always go with something durable. Invest in high-quality paper or card stock, it doesn’t matter if it has a matte or glossy finish. This can also convince people to buy a ticket from you and participate in the event. 

4. Add a Control Numbering System

Just like raffle tickets, always add control numbers to keep track of the tickets sold. This will also allow you to trace the names of the people who bought tickets. Keep this in mind so you can measure the profitability of your event and the success of your marketing campaign.

5. Keep the Design Neat and Appreciable

Last but not least, make sure to keep the design neat and appreciable for your target market. Don’t add too many elements since this will clutter the layout and make your admission ticket look unprofessional. You can do this by simply adding white space to the design.


  • What is a barbecue party?

      A barbecue party is a casual gathering involving food cooked on a barbecue grill. This type of gathering is common among families, but there are also those that involve friends and colleagues.

  • How should one organize a barbecue party?

      1. Have more than enough meat, vegetables, and beverages.
      2. Inform guests to bring side dishes.
      3. Plan other activities to do during the party.
      4. Decorate the venue appropriately.
  • What is the importance of tickets?

      1. It helps you measure how many people are coming to the event.
      2. It allows you to showcase your creativity.
      3. It enables you to keep track of ticket sales.
  • What are some of the different types of tickets?

      1. Admission tickets.
      2. VIP tickets.
      3. Parking tickets.
      4. Movie tickets.
      5. Airline tickets.
  • How can you boost ticket sales?

      1. Giving bonuses or perks to early birds.
      2. Offering discounts for referrals made.
      3. Allowing people to buy tickets online.