Birthday Ticket Templates

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If you are planning to celebrate the best birthday party of your life, trade your typical birthday invitation for a birthday ticket. Make the party more exciting by adding a theme to match the ticket. Do you want a birthday bash ticket? Birthday event ticket? or Birthday plane ticket? Well, we got all for you here at our website. We guarantee you beautifully designed, 100% customizable, and printable birthday ticket templates. Download our premium templates now and start preparing for your party.

What is a Birthday Ticket?

A birthday ticket is basically a birthday invitation. But instead of the typical bi-fold birthday invitation, it is made to look similar to a ticket. A ticket is a piece of paper or small card that gives the holder admission to enter a place, travel by public transport, or participate in an event. A birthday ticket will serve similarly to a ticket. One fact about a birthday ticket is that it can only admit one person which would help you restrict your party's total guest capacity.  

How to Create a Birthday Ticket

birthday ticket template

Make your birthday party more exciting by creating by trading your birthday invitation to a birthday ticket. You can make a birthday bash ticket, birthday event ticket, and even a birthday concert ticket if you wish. We have here step-by-step instructions to guide you.

1. Choose a Specific Theme

When throwing a birthday, the theme is an essential part of the event. Select the design, graphics, color scheme, and fonts. The layout of the sample ticket would depend on what theme you chose for the party. If your party theme is all about sports then your birthday ticket should look like a ticket for a sports event. Make sure to match the theme of your ticket to the event's theme. 

2. Include Real Ticket Features

It is highly recommended to make your modern ticket have the same features as a real ticket. If you are going to throw a huge party, add an extra security feature to ensure a good flow in the admission process. You can actually generate a barcode especially for you. Just look for a barcode generator online to create distinct barcodes for your guests. 

3. Write Important Details

Since your birthday ticket is that of a birthday invitation, do not forget to write the important details on the admission ticket. Write the important information following the who, what, where, when, why, and how strategy. You can also indicate the dress code your guests should be wearing. Do not add too many unnecessary details. Remember that a ticket does not have a lot of space for you to use so make sure that you only wrote the important ones. Make sure the information is readable and well-written.

4. Add Name of Guest and RSVP Tag

Make your guests feel like they are the most important person by adding their name on the birthday ticket. List down all the people you would want to attend the birthday party before you add the names on the ticket. This is to ensure that you won't leave out a person from your family and circle of friends. You can also add the RSVP tag short for please respond. Its purpose is to get a response or confirmation from the person you have invited.  

5. Print and Send Out Birthday Tickets

Lastly, if you are done with your birthday ticket save the printable ticket and print it. Make sure that the paper you are going to use is high quality to make your ticket last long and look like the real thing. Do not settle for less. Once you have finished printing your tickets, look for a reliable and fast delivery courier.