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Certificates are given away for a number of reasons. These could be in the form of an award or could be an official document that can help a person to gain certain benefit or support. Thus, it is important that certificates be designed with some thought and a lot of care. Certificate templates usually prove to be very helpful for this as these have been designed by experts and comprise of the essential segments that should be included in these.

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> Share Stock Certificate Template


When a person buys shares and stocks of a company, the company should offer him a share certificate that gives all the crucial details of the stocks bought by him. This certificate should thus comprise of all the segments that help the user to disclose the important information. Taking a cue from share stock certificate template surely makes this task easier. (21+ Share Stock Certificate Template)

What is a Certificate Template?

Certificates are generally used as an official document to prove the authenticity of an event or situation. These are also used as awards to applaud the achievement of a person.

Irrespective of what the nature of a certificate, it comprises of a number of segments which elaborate on the details and information. It also lists down these in a very professional and serious manner. However, it is not always easy for every person to design a certificate. Some people may just not be aware of how to design these. Then there might be others who may not be sure of the right way to write the content or the segments that should be included in it. For such people the certificate templates come to rescue.

Certificate templates are standard certificate documents that comprise of all the important segments that should be included in these. Other than the segments these also contain the perfect content that announces the details in a professional manner. Now, these templates can help any person to design a certificate in a jiffy. With all the required segments and content in place, the person just needs to customize and personalize these templates to come up with a unique certificate.

There are a wide range of certificate templates to choose from. In fact, depending upon the kind of need of the certificate, the template too varies.

> Baby Dedication Certificate Template


Parents who are religiously inclined often prefer to set their baby on the same path as them from an early age. For this they dedicate the baby to the religious sect they follow. The religious institution then offers them a dedication certificate claiming this fact. These institutions can make use of the baby dedication certificate template to design such a document. (19+ Baby Dedication Certificate Template)

> Membership Certificate Template


When a person joins a club or a service organization as its member, he is offered a certificate such that he can make use of the provisions or benefits offered to the members. The club authority can get an idea of the right way to design such a certificate by using the membership certificate template. (15+ Membership Certificate Template)

> Scholarship Certificate Template


Educational institutions often announce scholarship for their worthy students. However, it is the scholarship certificate that proves to be beneficial to these students in their future endeavors. This certificate comprises of the details of the scholarship. A scholarship certificate template gives the user a clear idea of how such a certificate can be designed. (8+ Scholarship Certificate Templates)

> Doctor Certificate Template


Sometimes when a person falls ill for a long time and may miss work or class, he approaches the doctor to issue a doctor’s certificate as proof of his ill health. Doctors should keep this certificate handy so that they can fill in the required details when needed. Using a doctor’s certificate template makes it easier for the doctor to design this. (17+ Doctor Certificate Templates)

> Honor Roll Certificate Template


An honorary award is no mean thing. In fact, the certificate that accompanies it proves the mettle of the winner of the award. However, designing such a certificate means all the essential elements should be included into it. An honor roll certificate template surely makes this task easier as it gives a clear idea of the segments to be included. (9+ Honor Roll Certificate Template)

> Death Certificate Template


A death certificate of a person comes in handy for the next of kin to claim his insurance and other provision offered on his death. The government agency that issues this certificate should have a whole bunch of this so that they can quickly issue it when the need be. Using a death certificate template, the concerned authority can design a unique death certificate document. (7+ Death Certificate Templates)

> Internship Certificate Template


At the end of the internship term, an intern expects the organization to issue him a internship certificate that would be proof of his experience and would help him get a good job. Thus, organizations that appoint interns should have an internship certificate ready at all times. Taking some cue from the internship certificate template surely simplifies the designing part. (7+ Internship Certificate Templates)

> School Certificate Template


Schools issue certificate to their students for a number of reasons like to applaud their achievements, allowing a transfer and what not. The authority can make use of the school certificate template to design such certificates. These templates give the user an idea of the segments that should be included in it. (22+ School Certificate Templates)

> Sample Certificate Template


As the name indicates this is a sample of a certificate and can be used by anyone to design a certificate. This comprises of all the crucial segments that should be included in the document. The user can further make changes to this as per his requirements. (41+ Certificate Templates)

> Music Certificate Template


A person who conducts music class has to offer a music certificate to the students at the end of the term elaborating about their achievement. In case the person is not sure how to design such a certificate, it would be a good idea to make use of the music certificate template which comprises of all the essential segments. (6+ Printable Music Certificate Templates)

> Work Certificate Template


A work certificate issued by an organization comes in handy for a person to prove his experience and thereby find a better job. Thus, every organization should have a work certificate ready at all times. Using a work certificate template can give them a clear idea of what to include in such a document. (7+ Work Certificate Templates)

> Business Gift Certificate Template


Business organizations need their customers which is why they often reward them for their loyalty. These awards are accompanied with gift certificates. A business gift certificate template comes in handy when designing such a certificate as this gives the user a clear idea of the content to be included in it. (11+ Business Gift Certificate Template)

How to Create your Own Certificate Template?

If you or your organization often gives certificates, it would be a good idea that you design a personal certificate template. This way, you don’t have to rush to an expert for a certificate or brainstorm, every time you need it. With a certificate template in place, you would be easily able to customize it in a jiffy by entering the relevant details and present it to the deserving person.

Here’s how you can create a certificate template:

  • Choose software of your choice for designing the certificate template. The best choices are MS Word and Adobe.
  • Open a new document.
  • At the top, give a title to the certificate like “Certificate of Excellence”, “Birth Certificate” etc.
  • Below this put down the content that announces the requisite details. It would be a good idea to keep the content short and crisp. Make sure to leave enough blank space to add in the details of the person to whom to document is issued.
  • At the end of the document, place a segment for entering the signature of the concerned authority along with the seal. There should also be a segment to enter the date.

With this certificate template in place, you would actually save a lot of time when it comes to issuing the certificate. Also, you can be assured that there is a standard design for the document.

> Funny Certificate Template


Certificates need not always be official and serious. Sometimes a person can give away a certificate to a loved one just for fun. There are a wide range of funny certificate templates which can be used to design such documents. These comprise of witty content and can add spice to any mundane event. (12+ Funny Certificate Templates)

> Christmas Gift Certificate Template


For those who think that Christmas cards are passé, they can give away certificates to their loved ones along with the gifts. A Christmas gift certificate template can offer enough inspiration in designing this. It also gives the user an idea of the segments and content to include. (16+ Christmas Gift Certificate Template)

> Professional Certificate Template


When a person undergoes training for a professional course, the training academy needs to issue him a certificate claiming the skills that he has achieved. A professional certificate template with all the crucial segments can be used by the academy to design such a certificate. (12+ Professional Certificate Templates)

> Blank Gift Certificate Template


As the name indicates, this template comes in handy for a person who wishes to design a gift certificate for his professional or personal use. Irrespective of what his need, this template would work just fine. It contains all the important segments and the user can further make changes to this. (13+ Blank Gift Certificate Template)

> Attendance Certificate Template


Educational institutions want their students to attend the classes on a regular basis. In order to encourage this, they give away attendance certificate to their students at the end of the year. An attendance certificate template gives the authorities a clear idea of how to design such a document and the right way to add in the details. (24+ Attendance Certificate Template)

> No Objection Certificate Template


A no objection certificate comes in handy for a large number of reasons and is issued by government as well as private agencies. It is important that the certificate elaborates all the details clearly. Using a no objection certificate template makes it easier for the user to design such a certificate with all the required content in place. (8+ No Objection Certificate Templates)

> Volunteer Certificate Template


A lot of people volunteer their services with the social groups and nonprofit organizations. In return, these organizations should give away volunteer certificates to them. Designing these can seem to be quite a task especially when time is less. But thanks to the volunteer certificate template, this surely becomes easier as this gives the user an idea of the elements to be included in the certificate. (6+ Volunteer Certificate Templates)

> Graduation Certificate Template


Colleges award graduation certificates to their students at the end of the academic term as proof of their educational qualification. These should give a clear idea of the grades of the student. In case, designing this seems a daunting task, it would be a good idea to make use of the graduation certificate template. (11+ Graduation Certificate Templates)

> Retirement Certificate Template


When a person completes his working term, the business organization offers him a retirement certificate that is proof of the years of work put in by him. A retirement certificate template makes it easier for the organization to create this document as it comprises of all the important segments. So, the user just needs to customize it as per his needs. (9+ Retirement Certificate Templates)

> Certificate of Origin Template


When a business organization exports products to international shores, it needs to offer a certificate of origin which would come in handy when the custom officials check the consignment. A certificate of origin template gives a clear idea of the segments and subheadings to be included in such a document. (7+ Certificate of Origin Templates)

> Winner Certificate Template


An award for a win is always accompanied by a certificate that elaborates on the achievement of the winner. This certificate needs to be precise yet concise. In case the designer is not sure how to design such a certificate, he can make use of the winner certificate template for the purpose. It gives him a clear idea of how to applaud the winner’s achievement in minimum words. (9+ Winner Certificate Templates)

> Travel Certificate Template


Many people love to present their loved ones with a travel package. It is always a good idea to accompany this gift with a travel certificate that lists the destination and other details. A travel certificate template can be used to design such a document within a matter of a few seconds. (7+ Travel Certificate Templates)

> Divorce Certificate Template


When the court terminates the marriage of a couple on their behest, they are offered a divorce certificate that annuls their union. This document should contain all the important details. In case, designing such a certificate seems difficult, using a divorce certificate template surely simplifies the task. (7+ Divorce Certificate Templates)

> Warranty Certificate Template


Manufacturing units often give warranties for their products to ensure that the customers invest in these without any worries. Thus, these products should be accompanied with warranty certificate. The organizations can take some cue about the segments to be included in this from the warranty certificate template.  (7+ Warranty Certificate Templates)

Uses of a Certificate Template    

A certificate template can really ease up the whole process of designing and issuing of a certificate. It saves a lot of time and effort and is actually very beneficial. Given below are the main uses of a certificate template.

  • Educational institutions can make use of this to design certificates to applaud the achievements of their students.
  • Business organizations can use this to design certificates to encourage their employees to perform better. They can also use these to issue gift certificates to their customers.    
  • Training academies and professional institutions can use these to create certificates which they can issue to their students at the end of the course term.       
  • Government agencies can use these to create official documents that mark certain important milestones.
  • People can generally use these to design special gift cards for their loved ones. 
  • Private organizations can use these to design certificates that can be issued to their employees, interns or volunteers as proof of their tenure with them.    
  • Doctors and hospitals can use these to create certificates that can be issued to patients who may have missed work or classes due to prolonged illness.    
  • Business organization can design share certificates using these to issue to their stockholders.

In case you need some help in designing a certificate, it would be a great idea to make use of certificate templates. These have been designed by experts and thus, look extremely professional. You can easily download these and then customize them as per your needs.

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