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It is always more reliable to hire people on a contract basis at your gym. You can make a contract for your gym by making use of our contract templates as it will help you give details of your work, terms, and conditions. It will help you in hiring the right person at the right time. There are a variety of sample gym contract available for you to use as per your requirements.

gym contract templates

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15+ Gym Contract Templates

Gym Contract Template

gym contract template
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Size: A4, US


Contracts are something that can solidify the business contract and the relationship between you and your clients. This gym contract templates in Microsoft Word will help you create the best contracts for your gym. With this template at your disposal, you now have the opportunity to draft a legally-binding agreement effortlessly.

Gym Membership Contract Template

gym membership contract
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Size: A4, US


Engaging newly accepted members of your fitness and health gym is very important. You can do that with a comprehensive contract that you can create using our professionally-designed gym membership contract template. Create a gym membership contract for both your existing and new gym members with a no-fuss involved.

Standard Gym Membership Contract Template

standard gym membership contract
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Size: A4, US


Make use of this standard gym membership contract templates in Google Docs so that you can lay out the terms and conditions of the gym contract. The arrangement details such as the modes of payment, rules & regulations of the gym, as well as the roles and responsibilities of each party to maintain a harmonious client-business relationship, can be entered with ease. As it comes in various file formats, anyone can easily download and make changes to its content.

Gym Rental Contract Template

gym rental contract template
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Size: A4, US


In case you are shifting your gym to a better place that can attract more crowd and you want to give the previous place for rent, use this gym rental contract template. The file is easy to use, simply add, remove, or modify the content that suits you the best. Set out important details, terms, and conditions such as the names of the gym owner and the renter, the address of the venue, the start and end date of the rental, the rental deposit amount, and when the payment is due, consequences for late payment, etc.

Sample Gym Contract Template

gym contract template
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Size: A4, US


The use of exercise machines and space makes it necessary for a business owner to draw up a business contract for gym members. This template clarifies the scope and limitations of each member. Each gym has a different type of contract, so make sure that you select one that makes your gym look unique from the rest.

Gym Rental Contract Template PDF Format Download

gym rental contract template pdf format download

Filing for an individual signing up for a membership to the gym to create an arrangement regarding modes of payment, rules, and regulations of the gym. Also, the roles and responsibilities of each party to maintain a harmonious client-business relationship. Use this template for it is printable and useful.

Crossfit Gym Contract Template PDF Printable for Free

crossfit gym contract template pdf printable for free

Do not have the time to create a business contract from scratch due to busy schedules? Well, we got you here. All you have to do is download this template and edit it the way you want. Edit the highlighted information with the necessary details, and your contract draft is ready!

Cancel Gym Contract Template Word Doc Download

cancel gym contract template word doc download

Free Printable Fitness Membership Gym Contract Template

free prinable fitness membership gym contract template

Gloves Boxing Gym Membership Form Contract Template

gloves boxing gym membership form contract template download

Personal Trainer Contract With Gym Template Form Download

personal trainer contract with gym template form download

Gym Rental Agreement Contract Template PDF Printable

gym rental agreement contract template pdf printable

Gym Fitness Center Membership Application Contract Printable

gym fitness center membership application contract printable

Gym Membership Contract Template PDF Printable Download

gym membership contract template pdf printable download

Free Gym Membership Contract Template

free gym membership contract template

Fitness Center Gym Membership Contract Template Word Format

gym membership contract template

Create a Gym Contract in 5 Steps

Step 1: Title of the Contract

The main aim of the title is to describe what is it that you want to convey in the contract. It should be short, simple, and understandable for your readers. The title you choose should support the contract, so be careful when it comes to choosing one. The title should be short and quick.

Step 2: Describe What You Do

In this step, the parties involved (you and the client) should be mentioned, the products and services you offer as a gym, the time, etc. have to be on the contract. Make sure that you have read the contract properly before getting the client to sign it. Go through agreement samples for more.

Step 3: Payment

As a trustworthy business, you have to mention proper coverage conditions. List out all likely payment methods you accept so that your client can choose from the choices given. If you accept a trial based advance, then mention that in your contract as well.

Step 4: Other Specifications

Written contracts are always reliable than verbal contracts so that each of you has enough proof of the terms and conditions that have been agreed upon. Specify all necessary details in the contract without missing any part, let it be however tiny.

Step 5: Signature

Once you are done with finalizing the contract, the last and final step would be to get the signatures. Make sure that you and your clients read all the terms and conditions defined in the contract. If there are any corrections to be made, make sure to do them and then get the signatures of the clients. Mention the process of cancellation, taxes and other charges that you take, etc.

Getting Started with Gym Contract Template Free Download

A free gym business contract template is a rather powerful tool that helps you structure your agreement with the worker in question smoothly. It is kind of like a constitution that will be managing the laborer as long as they are still working with you. Unless for reasons not understood, rarely though, will the contract end too soon other than on the specified dates. In that case, you may procrastinate the task time and again. The printable coaching contract templates prevents you from postponing this assignment, enabling you to write the contract in an already pre-defined layout.

General FAQ’s

1. What is Gym Contract?

A gym contract is a document that is prepared by private gyms. It contains several terms and conditions that new and existing gym members must sign as part of their gym membership agreement.

2. What Information Does a Gym Contract Include?

A gym contract includes the following information:

  • Length of membership
  • Price of the membership
  • Cancellation Notice
  • Refund policies upon cancellation
  • Insurance details
  • Consequences for nonpayment of membership fees
  • Terms of any financial agreements

3. When Does a Gym Membership Contract Become Void?

Similar to other contracts, a gym contract is legally binding unless it has terms that are illegal or specifically prohibited by law. If the terms of the contract are not in compliance with your state’s specific regulations, it won’t be enforceable.

4. Can a Gym Contract be Called Off?

Yes, a gym contract can be called off at any given point under certain circumstances that involve disability, or if the gym facility ceases to offer the services that have been listed in the contract.

5. What is the Importance of Using a Gym Contract?

A gym contract ensures that the rights and responsibilities of the gym and the gym member are protected. Upon failure to adhere to these rules stated in the contract, either of the parties can take up matters legally.