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Some jobs do not last for a long time. They are offered for a limited time only, as the company finds ways of giving full employment to its wishful applicants. This calls the need for temporary employment. This is the kind of employment where an employee fills in a position for only a certain period of time. They may be promoted to permanent employees when the time is up. Temporary employment is usually on a per project basis or other matters. You may also see employment contract templates.

Temporary employees also need to sign a contract. There are some things that need to be agreed on even if the work is just for a short time. If you are a temporary employer or employee, take a look at our templates to see how the contract looks like. You may also see employment contracts for restaurants.

Temporary Contract of Employment

Temporary Contract of Employment

Temporary Employment Agreement Template

Temporary Employment Agreement Template

Perks and Sweats of Temporary Employment

Hiring temporary employees have some fair share of advantages and disadvantages. These benefits and drawbacks that temporary or “temp” employees have to undergo are just part of the job. Here are some of them:

1. Availability

Hiring temporary employees is a must when you want an employee who is available at any time of the day. They can only work for a certain number of hours depending on your contract. Temporary employees have been arranged by their agencies. All you have to do is handpick them to do the job. No hours are wasted. You may also see sample employment contract templates.

2. Saving Money

A lot of money can be saved if you hire a temporary employee. You have fewer payroll obligations since you can talk out how much you have to give him. You can give the employee an hourly rate and enough compensation that he needs. Compared to regular employees wherein you have to pay them monthly, the temporary ones can get by with daily wages. Just make sure you are giving them the compensation that matches with the work they do. You may also see employee contract templates.

3. Discovering New Talent

In hiring temporary employees, new talents are discovered. Employees who get to show a certain skill have high chances of being promoted to regular employees. They get to enjoy benefits regular employees enjoy as well. Temporary employees have some hidden skills that employers might find good or profitable. You may also see job contract templates.

4. Increasing Productivity

For the time being, temporary employees can help when you want the productivity of your workforce to increase. They can lend a helping hand to get the job done faster and more effectively. You may also see sample employee contracts.

5. Training New Employees

One of the cons of hiring temporary employees is training them. They are only around for a short time and some learn the tasks quicker than the others. You will have to give time to train them for doing the needed tasks. You have to make them aware of the need of keeping up with the speed at work. Since they only work for a short time, expect a lot of mishandling along the way.

6. Lack of Teamwork with Regular Employees

Sometimes temporary employees have to work with regular employees in carrying out a task. Issues of teamwork might arise as people have different opinions. They would end up clashing with each other and creating a big misunderstanding. Lack of teamwork may lead to the failure of the task. You may also see sample HR contract templates.

7. Safety Matters

Accidents are inevitable while working. Temporary employees are not entitled to health benefits while doing the job. This means more expensive health care expenditures if ever a worker gets into an accident. The safety of the worker and the work environment should be considered as well. You may also see contract letters.

8. Losing Money

Companies end up losing money on under-skilled temporary employees. They pay these employees based on the work being done. Money is important in every business and losing whichever amount can lead to bigger losses. Companies should have a rigid screening of the temporary employees they hire. You may also see job contract templates.

9. Unmotivated Employees

The danger in hiring temporary employees is that sometimes they tend to be unmotivated. This is because of the fact that they only work for a short time and have nothing to worry about. Make sure that in the interview, you get to see who are the motivated ones and who are just looking forward to letting their time pass by. You may also see work contract templates.

Contract Form for Temporary Employment

Contract Form for Temporary Employment

What to Do as a Temp Employee

There are still things that you need to keep in mind while working as a temporary employee. To clear your mind of confusion, you have to talk to your employer and be open about certain things. You also have to do particular things on your part as well. Here are some of the best things to bring up to your employer:

1. Talk About Salary Before Accepting the Offer

Since working means getting paid for the work you do, talk about the salary that you will get from your employer. You may be given an hourly or weekly salary depending on the situation. Make sure you receive enough to get you by. You may also see security contract templates.

2. Discuss the Hours of Availability

Aside from the salary, your hours of availability matter as well. You need to let your employer know when is the best time for you to work. The employer always takes note the best time for you to get the job done. It’s only for a few hours a day and you have to make yourself available at the time of work. You may also see free contract templates.

3. Be Flexible in the Workplace

Even if you’re just working temporarily for the employer, you need to be flexible as well. You have to be willing to work in shifts and be able to do other tasks than what the company requires you to do. Flexibility is one of the best qualities an employee can have and practice at all times. You may also see HR contract templates.

4. Never Ask for a Permanent Position

There is a possibility of a permanent position but never ask for one. This might make your employer think you’re asking more than what you’re given. If you wish to have a permanent position, work hard for it or apply for one after your contract ends. You may also see training contract templates.

5. Focus on the Job at Hand

Have a clear focus on the job that you need to do instead of thinking of other things. Remember that this job is only temporary and you need to find another one when your contract ends. While working, make the most out of every second in your job. It helps you in improving yourself for the better. You may also see sample nanny contract templates.

Contracts exist for both parties to agree on. Even if an employee works for only a short period of time, he is still entitled to have one so he would know how much he gets and his rights and responsibilities. Temporary employment is still employed in a sense, no matter what the job might be. You may also see performance contract templates.

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