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How to Write a Contract Letter?

A contract letter is a document that outlines the terms and conditions an employee must meet. The employers set these conditions. Contract letters protect both parties from any unexpected occurrence while it is valid. It is also called an agreement letter.

Statista said in 2019 that the healthcare and education industry in the USA has the most number of employees, with a total of 35.89 million workers. Now that's only a fraction of the overall number of workers in the country. The usual process before getting on board is signing a contract that's a legal binding to both parties. If you need some ideas on writing a contract letter, read our tips below. 

1. Start with Basic Info

State the name of the employee and his position in the company. You must include his or her joining date, employment status, salary, or payment terms (if it's short-term employment), among others.  

2. Go into Details

Next, explain the company's compensation and benefits that you can offer to the employee, such as health insurance, leave credits, paid time off, and other necessary inclusions. Don't forget to include the duration of an employee's probationary status as well.

3. List the Conditions

This part is much easier to write in bullet form. Be specific on the conditions that you want an employee to follow. Include a clause about the termination of the contract depending on the given circumstance. 

4. Keep It Simple

One thing you must not forget when writing a contract is to keep your writing simple and formal. Don't use industry terms. Write in an understandable way as much as possible. 


  • Why is a contract significant in the business?

      According to the website, Chron, a contract is important in the business for these following reasons:

      1. Protecting the rights of both parties - Every single thing stated in the contract can put pressure on both parties to carry out their expected duties. It's better if the contract includes clauses that are advantageous to the employer and employee. 

      2. Allows employees to know his rights - When put in unexpected circumstances, the employee can refer to the contract to cite which clause can protect him from losing his job. 

      3. Outline the tasks - The contract letter should include the detailed duties and service the employee needs to render. 

      4. Locking financial agreements - Having a contract allows both parties to follow the financial agreements stated in it. The other party gets his payment on time for the services he gave. There's no getting away with it. 

  • What is the age requirement for someone to write and sign a contract?

      A person should be at least 18 years old to write a contract and sign one. Eighteen years of age is considered legal in most countries. 

  • What happens in a breach of contract?

      A breach of contract happens when one party does not perform the duties expected of him. 

  • Can you ask for payment for damages after the other party breaches the contract?

      Yes, you can ask for payment for damages if the breach is intentional. 

  • How do you null a contract?

      The website, Upcounsel, said that you can null a contract when:

      1. It is illegal. 
      2. Both parties made a mistake. 
      3. A party is under the influence, forced, or threatened to sign the contract. 
      4. When a party violates terms in the contract.
      5. A party is mentally unstable.